[MieL] I like Mie Prefecture! I want to tell more about Mie Prefecture! We are looking for passionate writers!

Would you like to liven up the area together at MieL?

MieLNow, we are looking for writers who can write articles about "regions and companies", "technology" and "future (education and services)" in Mie Prefecture.

I love Mie Prefecture! I want to let other people know about Mie Prefecture! We are looking forward to your participation!

Please lend MieL the experience and power you have cultivated in the writer business!

* There are no restrictions on the number of years of experience as a writer, age, gender, genre, occupation, etc.

Reporter (Writer) Registration Flow

Please send the necessary information from the email form below, and after confirming the contents, the MieL editorial team will contact you.

After contacting us and having an online interview, we will request writing work.

Benefits for writers

It is possible to spread the charm of Mie Prefecture to more people and work with MieL to liven up Mie Prefecture!

Writers will be charged for writing articles.
*We will decide the cost of writing the article while listening to the skills you have at the interview.


Please apply using the email form below.

Application form


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