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Mac Shortcut Key List


Mac] It's embarrassing if you don't know! List of Useful Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys" greatly increase work efficiency when used. Are you familiar enough with shortcut keys? There are useful shortcut keys not only for Windows, which we recently wrote about, but also for Mac. Some IT companies ask the question, "What shortcut keys do you use most often? I believe that mastering shortcut key operations is an essential skill to have in order to do your job. I, too, feel the need for shortcut keys, and have become quite proficient with them in Windows ...

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Windows] Easy to understand by purpose! List of Useful Shortcut Keys

Many people use Windows for work, etc. Do you use shortcut keys while working? Shortcut keys are keyword operations that combine keys such as "Windows," "Alt," and "Ctrl" to shorten your work speed. It is one of the techniques you should know when working on a PC because it can make your work more efficient than before and save you time. In this article, we will introduce Windows shortcut keys for different purposes. If you want to know how to work more easily, or if you want to save a little time ...

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IT Introduction Subsidy for FY2022|9 Steps for Eligible Businesses and Procedures

The term "DX" has been covered in a variety of media, and some of you may be feeling the challenges of analog operations in your company. Usually, a large amount of funds are required to introduce IT tools and systems, but did you know that IT introduction subsidies can partially subsidize the costs of introduction? In this article, we will introduce the types of subsidies available and the process for those who are considering applying for IT implementation subsidies for the first time. Nishikawa: I am worried about preparing funds for the introduction of IT tools ...

How engineers communicate


Engineers Need to Communicate! 3 Ways to Keep Relationships Close

What kind of image do you have of an engineer's job? Many of you probably have a strong image of engineers working silently at a computer. Before I joined San-El, I had a strong impression that an engineer's job was to sit in front of a computer all the time and create systems. In reality, however, it is a job that involves communication with team members and customers, and it is a job that involves relationships with people. In this article, I will introduce three initiatives that are important at San-El to build relationships among engineers and between supervisors and subordinates ...

Engineer recruitment and education


Mie regional IT company San-El teaches! How to Hire Engineers and 4 Education

I would like to introduce technology from an engineer's perspective at MieL! and when I discussed this with Mr. Sugano, Director of System Development, he said, "There's a question I've been asked a lot lately... That question is, "How do you go about hiring engineers in rural areas?" How do you train the people you hire?" The questions were, "How do you hire engineers in rural areas? It seems that many companies, especially those in regional areas, have trouble recruiting engineers or do not know how to train them after they are hired. We interviewed Mr. Sugano to introduce our hiring methods and what we emphasize in our training! In this article, ...

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Explains the benefits of coworking spaces and the fee structure (private rooms, drop-in)!

Nishikawa Hello! This is Nishikawa from Sun-El. In recent years, due to the diversification of work styles and the impact of the new coronavirus, an increasing number of companies have introduced telework, and as a result, more and more people are working from locations other than the office. Of course, Sun-El has also introduced a full remote flex system, so more than half of the company's members work remotely. However, it is true that there are some concerns when working from home, such as ``I don't have the necessary equipment for work,'' ``I can't concentrate because I have a family at home,'' and ``I get lazy when I'm alone.'' I would like you to use it at such times...

Diversifying work styles for women


Why did a local IT company, which has difficulty in recruiting, succeed in acquiring professional personnel?

Recruitment of public relations personnel, which had been an uphill battle Summer is one of the three times a year when the mid-career recruitment market becomes active. During this time, when the effective job-to-job ratio in Mie Prefecture was 1.21, we advertised a job opening for a "public relations position. Since there were 1.21 job openings for every 1 job seeker, it could be said that it was basically an easy time for job seekers to change jobs. With this background, after we started posting the job ads, we thankfully received applications from all over Japan. Many of the applicants had the desire to use the Corona Vortex as a chance to return to their hometown in Mie Prefecture, and the entries were coming in steadily.

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Public Relations in Mie (Part 1)|The first public relations measures taken by a dedicated public relations manager

Nishikawa Hello, how do you do? My name is Kanako Nishikawa, and I have been working in public relations at Sun-L Corporation since October 2021. After working in sales at an advertising agency in Tokyo, in the entertainment industry, and in public relations at a venture housing company, I joined Sun-L Inc. in October 2021 by a good chance. It has been almost three weeks since I took up my new position, and I am still groping my way through the company, but I would like to share with you my PR efforts based on my past experiences! Background of joining San-El as a public relations specialist I was previously working for a venture house company ...

Sanel company car


San-El's new company car is a MT car⁉I drove a Swift Sport for the first time!

Nishikawa Hello! This is Nishikawa from Sun-El. Sanel purchased a company car in May 2021. The car model is Suzuki Swift Sport! I haven't had a chance to ride in a company car since I joined the company, but now I finally have the chance! In this article, we will introduce what kind of car Swift Sport is. Nishikawa: I would also like to tell you about my experience riding one. How our company car became a Swift Sport in the first place The Swift Sport we purchased is an MT (manual) car, not an AT (automatic car). Moreover, the body color is an unusual yellow! ...



Working Remotely in Virtual Space? I tried using the trendy "oVice-ovice"!

Nishikawa Nice to meet you! My name is Nishikawa and I joined Sun-El in October as a public relations officer. Sun-El has introduced a full-remote, full-flex system, with most employees working from home, especially during the state of emergency. I also started working remotely from the third day after joining the company, and at first I was filled with anxiety, wondering if I could work by myself and wondering, ``I'm not that good with computers...'' However, Sun-El has a system in place that allows me to work comfortably from home using a variety of tools, so I can now proceed with my work with peace of mind. Even within such a system, Sanel...


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