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Windows] Easy to understand by purpose! List of Useful Shortcut Keys

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I think there are many people who use Windows for work, etc. Do you use shortcut keys while working?

What is shortcut key"Windows" "Alt" "Ctrl"You can shorten the work speed by using keyword operations that combine keys such as .

It is one of the techniques you should know about PC work because it can make your work more efficient and save time.

Therefore, in this article,Introducing Windows shortcut keys by purposeThe following is a summary of the results of the project.

If you want to know how to work easily, or if you want to shorten the work time even a little, please refer to it!

frequently used shortcut keys

You are working on a computer.

First of all, I will introduce shortcut keys that are often used in computer work.

If you are a computer novice, it is recommended that you learn this item first.It is.

explanation Windows
Copy the selected string.
Ctrl + C.
Cut out
Cut the selected string.
Ctrl + X
Paste the copied or cut content to another location.
Ctrl + V.
Undoes the previous operation and restores the original state.
Ctrl + Z.
Undo & Repeat Modifications
Ctrl + Z., to the state before returning. Alternatively, repeat the previous operation.
Ctrl + Y
Rename files and folders
Select a file or folder andF2 orFn + F2By pressing , you can save the trouble of selecting "Rename" from the right click.
Also, in Excel, you can switch to cell edit mode.
F2 or
Fn + F2
overwrite save
Prevent data loss by diligent saving.
Ctrl + sadist
Create new folder
When Explorer is active, this keystroke creates a new folder.
Ctrl + Shift + N.
page print
The print operation screen opens.
Ctrl + P.
Enlarged/reduced display
Enlarges or reduces the screen display in steps.
Ctrl +[Mouse scroll wheel] can also be used for the same operation.
Ctrl + +or
Ctrl + -

Shortcut keys that use the Windows key

Windows computer

continueIntroducing shortcut keys using the Windows keyI will do so.

It's pretty convenient to remember this, so please try it!

explanation Windows
lock your computer
Lock your computer to prevent others from viewing your screen.
Win + L.
Run with file name
Enter a program file name you remember to run or open.
Win + R.
indicator display
Display indicators such as printers and virus software that are usually hidden.
Win + B. + Enter
launch explorer
Convenient when you want to quickly access folders and files on your computer.
Win + E.
Launch "Ease of Access" in Windows Settings
It is convenient when you want to quickly open "Ease of Use" in Windows settings and make settings.
Win + U
screenshot + save
Take a screenshot of the entire screen and save the image.
Destination folder: Pictures > Screenshot
Win + Print Screen
Take a screenshot of the screen. It is also possible to select and shoot only any part.
After shooting, paste it into any document such as PowerPoint (Ctrl + V.)can.
Win + Shift + sadist

Desktop-related shortcut keys

Next are desktop shortcut keys.

It will be very easy to operate the screen!

explanation Windows
Minimize all screens
Minimize open files, browsers, etc.
Win + M.
show desktop
Show desktop.
Win + D.
close screen
The screen (active window) can be closed.
Alt + F4
change screen
Display the currently active window as a thumbnail, and switch the display to another window that was operated just before.
If you have 3 or more windows,Altwhile holdingTabsYou can specify the window you want to switch display by pressing the any number of times.
Alt + Tabs
Move browser page
To return to the previous page while browsing the browserAlt + , to go to the next pageAlt + use.
Alt + or
Alt +
Maximize/minimize browser window
Executed while browsing the browser. maximizing the windowWin + , the minimize isWin + The following is a list of the most common problems with the
Win + or
Win +
Window menu display
Opens the menu (Move, Resize, Minimize, Maximize, Close, etc.) for the active window such as Browser or Explorer.
Alt + Space

Shortcut key for character input

woman working on a computer

Shortcut keys play an active role in character input when converting!

Remember,Convert quickly while typingSo recommended.

Recommended shortcut keys (function keys)
Hiragana conversion
characters before confirming text inputHiraganabatch conversion to
Full-width katakana conversion
characters before confirming text inputfull-width katakanabatch conversion to
half-width katakana conversion
characters before confirming text inputhalf-width katakanabatch conversion to
Double-byte alphanumeric conversion
characters before confirming text inputDouble-byte alphanumeric charactersbatch conversion to
half-width alphanumeric conversion
characters before confirming text inputhalf-width alphanumericbatch conversion to

Perform these operations before finalizing the text input (before pressing Enter).

explanation Windows
A key to search for sentences or words.
Ctrl + F.
Replacing characters (Replacement)
While working with Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), it is possible to batch convert typographical errors into correct characters.
Ctrl + H.
Select all
You can select all without marking them with the cursor. It can also be used in browsers and explorers.
Ctrl + A.

Other useful keyboard shortcuts

lastly,Useful shortcut keys to knowsummarized.

Useful shortcut keys to know
Move to Trash
Move the selected folder or file to the Recycle Bin
Ctrl + D.
Permanent delete
Permanently delete selected folders and files without moving them to the Recycle Bin
Shift + Delete
Display (hide) date and time
Show (hide) the date and time on the desktop
Win + Alt + D.
Menu display
Show menu for lock, switch user, sign out, task manager, etc.
Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Move to specified location
In Excel, move to the specified cell, in Word, move to the specified page or line, etc.

Ctrl + G.
move to top Home
move to last End
Right click alternative Shift + F10

Summary | Windows version! Easy-to-understand and convenient shortcut key list by purpose

Appearance of Sanel

At our company, there are many people who work on computers quickly!

If you look closelyMost people use keyboard shortcutsIt was.

It's not just about things you know well, such as copy and paste, but if you memorize it to some extent, your work efficiency will really improve, so it's worth remembering!

There are many other types of shortcut keys, but please try using the ones introduced this time first!

We also have an article comparing the shortcut keys of Windows and Mac, so please take a look if you have migrated from Windows to Mac.

Windows vs. Mac comparison
shortcut key
Work efficiency up! Introducing basic keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac

See more.

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