Interview with Japanese drum hitomi: Thoughts after the milestone anniversary performance!


Interview with Japanese drum hitomi: Thoughts after the milestone anniversary performance!

Sanel Co., Ltd., which operates MieL, supports people and organizations working hard in the local area based on the corporate philosophy of wanting to make everyone involved happy. In the past, I have introduced the Hibikiza Inase-gumi, a Japanese drumming team based in Matsusaka City, that I met during this time in MieL articles. This time, we would like to ask Hitomi Matsumoto, a member of Hibikiza Inase-gumi, who held a performance commemorating their 20th anniversary at Kuragi Bunka Hall in Matsusaka City on Saturday, August 12, 2023, after the performance. We interviewed him about his impressions and future plans. Matsumoto is active on TikTok, Instagram, etc...

A Japanese drum team active in Matsusaka! Hibikiza Inasegumi 20th anniversary performance report


A Japanese drum team active in Matsusaka! Hibikiza Inasegumi 20th anniversary performance report

Nishikawa Hello, this is Nishikawa from Sun El. Do you all know Hibikiza Inasegumi? This Japanese drum team is based in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, and includes hitomi, an influencer with over 800,000 followers on social media. hitomi (Hitomi Matsumoto) is one of the five Japanese music creators nominated for Music Creator of the Year at the TikTok Awards Japan 2022, and also won second place at Tik Tok LIVE at the TikTok Awards Japan 2022. .

Programming Contest Challenge


Kids Lab Students Win Excellence Award in U-16 Programming Contest!

For those of you who are learning programming, when you hear "programming contests", you know! I have tried it before! I am sure that many of you have tried your hand at programming. Our company operates Sun-L Kids Lab, a programming school under the theme of "a place to nurture [the ability to] think and find new possibilities. We want to create a place where children can become familiar with the field of IT from an early age and develop human resources who can work locally in the future using their IT skills! With this in mind, we teach children the joy of programming on a daily basis. We are pleased to announce that three students of our programming class "SunL Kids Lab" ...

Eyecatch 900_Cable Common Net Mie Co., Ltd.


Reporting Management System Succeeds in Eliminating Personnel Dependency and Reducing Costs|Cable Common Net Mie, Inc.

Do you usually watch cable TV? Cable TV offers a wide range of content, including reruns of terrestrial digital broadcasts, past broadcasts (including reruns of baseball games from 20 or 30 years ago!) ), foreign dramas, movies, and a wide range of other contents. Mie Prefecture has one of the most highly developed cable TV networks (broadcasting and communications) in Japan. The eight member companies of the Mie Cable Television Association provide services to households in their respective areas. By consolidating the comprehensive resources of these member stations, the Mie ...

Kids lab ②


What is IchigoJam? Here are some of the teaching materials used by Sun-El Kids Lab.

Nomoto Hello! My name is Nomoto from Sun-El, Inc. Sun-El Inc. operates "Sun-El Kids Lab," a programming class for children who are experiencing programming for the first time. The details of the classes are introduced in another article, so this time I'll talk about the educational materials we offer at KidsLab. At SunL KidsLab, we use a mini-computer called IchigoJam (strawberry jam) to teach programming. Programming with IchigoJam is similar to Scratch, which is often used in other programming classes.


Let's learn programming in Matsusaka City! Introducing SunL Kids Lab

Maekawa Hello, my name is Maekawa from the Media Division! Are you worried about your child's lessons? There are various kinds of lessons such as English and swimming, aren't there? Recently, programming has been attracting a lot of attention, and since programming has become a compulsory subject for elementary school students from the 2020 school year, more and more people are interested in having their children learn programming. Programming education will be compulsory for elementary school students starting in FY2020, and perhaps because of this, the number of "programming and robotics classes" as a learning experience increased slightly from 1.7% in the FY 2019 survey to 2.4%. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology presents the "G ...


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