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Introducing VISON_Part 1


Deals and all 9 areas we found by visiting VISON (Part 2)

This is the second part of an article introducing VISON, one of the largest commercial resort facilities in Japan, located in Mie Prefecture. If you have not read the first part, please read the following article first. Area Map of VISON ①VISON ②Marche VISON ③Sweets Village ④Atelier VISON ⑤Mokuiku Area ⑥Wa Area ⑦Hotel Area ⑧Honcho Area ⑨Farm Area *These areas are introduced in Part I and Part II (this article). The wood growing area is a place where visitors can see, touch, learn, and play with real trees and forests.

Introducing VISON_Part 1


4 tips to enjoy VISON to the fullest and all areas (Part 1)

Higuchi: Hello everyone! This time, I visited SunL Co., Ltd. as an intern. This is Higuchi from Takada Junior College Office Work Course. How are you all spending your time now that coronavirus restrictions have been eased? If you are thinking, "I want to travel" or "I want to relax," I would like to recommend VISON, one of the largest commercial resort facilities in Japan! The vast site, which is the size of 24 Tokyo Domes, is divided into nine areas, and it's up to you how you enjoy it. Looks like fun! But there are so many that I don't know where to go...

mie ict kyouiku


ICT Education" is attracting increasing attention from the perspective of the SDGs, and the efforts of San-El, an IT company in Mie Prefecture, are being introduced.

The Current State of ICT Education Surrounding Schools in Mie Prefecture In 2020, the term "programming" appeared in the Courses of Study enforced in elementary schools as part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's efforts to realize 21st century education. And the term "ICT education" has spread rapidly over the past year. Some of our readers who have children in elementary and junior high schools may wonder what "ICT education" is in the first place. Some of our readers who have children in elementary and junior high schools may be wondering what "ICT education" is all about. ICT stands for "Information and Communication Technology," and in Japanese it is ...



Working Remotely in Virtual Space? I tried using the trendy "oVice-ovice"!

Nishikawa Nice to meet you! My name is Nishikawa and I joined Sun-El in October as a public relations officer. Sun-El has introduced a full-remote, full-flex system, with most employees working from home, especially during the state of emergency. I also started working remotely from the third day after joining the company, and at first I was filled with anxiety, wondering if I could work by myself and wondering, ``I'm not that good with computers...'' However, Sun-El has a system in place that allows me to work comfortably from home using a variety of tools, so I can now proceed with my work with peace of mind. Even within such a system, Sanel...

Sun-El office environment


Full Remote & Full Flex! San-El's way of working and the challenge of a comfortable work space!

Since its foundation, San-El has always aimed to be a people-oriented company that is easy to work for, and especially since the coronavirus began to affect the company, we have been searching for a "comfortable work environment" that meets the current situation. This April, we have completed all the measures to realize a comfortable work environment in our office environment, and I would like to introduce the current working style and office environment at SANEL! Nakamura: Hello, my name is Nakamura of Sun-El! This is Nakamura from SANEL. I would like to introduce you to SANEL's office environment with some photos! Full Flex & Full Remote! The way we work at SANEL is highly flexible! Sun-El is a system integrator located in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, ...

Explanation of "DX" that you want to know now


What is "DX"? We asked about business systems that anticipate the future.

Do you have any problems with your current business system? There are many companies that are having problems with their business systems, such as "There is an error, but I don't know how to fix it ......," "I want to add a function, but there is no one who can do it ......," "No one knows how to manage the business system," and "Half of the work is done manually using the business I am sure that there are many companies that are facing problems with their business systems, such as "No one knows how to manage the business system" or "Half of the work is done manually using the business system. Even if they are not having problems now, they may become apparent as corporate issues in the near future. But these problems can be solved by DXing your business system. In this article, we will discuss the three ...


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