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4 tips to enjoy VISON to the fullest and all areas (Part 1)

Introducing VISON_Part 1

Intern student icon B
hello everyone! This time, I visited SunL Co., Ltd. as an intern. This is higuchi from takada junior college office work course.

How are you all spending your time now that coronavirus restrictions have been eased?

"I want to travel." "I want to relax."Japan's largest commercial resort facility VISONIt is!

The vast site of 24 Tokyo Domes is divided into 9 areas.It's up to you how you enjoy it.

Sounds like fun! But there are so many I don't know where to go
lemi (Nestor notatus)

For Remy who is worried about that and everyone who is thinking the same thing, this time I will introduce each area and some facilities of VISON.

Further,Explain what you learned by actually going to VISON and a little profitable informationI will do so!

If you are considering a trip to VISON, please use this as a reference!

9 areas of VISON

  1. Marche Vison
  2. Sweets Village
  3. Atelier Vison
  4. san sebastian street
  5. Wa Vison
  6. Wood education area
  7. Honzo area
  8. farm area
  9. hotel area

* In the first part, we will introduce areas up to number 5. A little bit of advantageous information is described in the latter part, so please take a look at it in order.

What is Japan's largest commercial resort facility VISON?


VISON will open in stages from April 29, 2021, and officially opened on July 20, 2021.A resort facility located in Taki-cho, Taki-gun, Mie PrefectureIt is.

VISON construction related companies

."Mie Prefecture Wide-Area Collaboration Super City Concept"VISON was made with the concept. As a content that collaborates with six towns and aims to revitalize the region,Various DXis incorporated.

Six towns involved in the opening of VISON

  • Taki Town
  • Odai Town
  • Meiwa Town
  • Watarai Town
  • Taiki Town
  • Kihoku Town
*For those who want to know about DX, please read the MieL article for easy-to-understand explanations.
Click here for the DX commentary article
Explanation of "DX" that you want to know now
What is "DX"? We asked about business systems that anticipate the future.

See more.

Japan's proud food, culture, art and technology are concentrated, and many companies were involved in its construction.There are about 70 facilities that have opened stores at VISON.There is also!

Click here for VISON official website and SNS accounts ↓

Home Page vison.jp
SNS Accounts

VISON area map

①VISON ②Marche Vison ③ Sweets Village ④ Atelier Vison ⑤ Wood education area ⑥Wa area ⑦Hotel area ⑧Honzo area ⑨Farm area
* Each area is introduced separately in the first part (this article) and the second part.

Click here for the introduction of VISON (Part 2)
Introducing VISON_Part 1
Deals and all 9 areas we found by visiting VISON (Part 2)

See more.

Enjoy fresh sea and mountain delicacies around Mie Prefecture! Marche Vison

Marche Visonteeth,Supervised by Ryuji Teshima, one Michelin star chefA fresh market with a luxurious lineup!

It is a place where many fresh sea and mountain products are gathered. To name a few:

  • Morning vegetables grown by locals
  • A boutique-like butcher shop run by a Matsusaka beef producer
  • Spiny lobster and abalone delivered directly from Ise-Shima
  • Tuna from Nachikatsuura, Wakayama Prefecture

And so on.

The market occasionally offers tastings, so be sure to give it a try!

For more information on Marché Vison, please visit:VISON official websiteYou can check it though.

Also, on the official website, there is an article about Mr. Ryuji Teshima's Marchevison supervision. If you check it before visiting Marchevison, you will enjoy it more.

BBQ in the mountains! rue de Terrasse

Appearance of rue de Terrasse

rue de Terrasse, you can easily enjoy BBQ while enjoying the scenery of the mountain in front of you and Vison!

Ingredients are sold, and basic tools for BBQ are rented,No need to bring anything yourself!

You can also go to the store on the day of the event, but if you definitely want to have a BBQ, make a reservation by phone in advance!

You can purchase a wide variety of meat parts, vegetables, white rice, and drinks!

We also sell BBQ sets, so we recommend that as well!

For detailed menu and prices,VISON official websiteYou can check it at

important point

Food and drinks purchased outside the facility cannot be brought in
Facility Name rue de Terrasse
Business Hours 11:00-20:00
Phone number 0598-67-0393
(If you call to make a reservation on weekdays: 0598-67-9743 Ryugin Koro Takiba)
regular closing day open every day of the year
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=40
SNS Accounts

Instagrammable meat dish? ! Baraque where you can enjoy Matsui charcoal

baraque appearance

If you look up VISON on Instagram, thisMatsui Charcoal (Manhattan)Doesn't it come out often?

Matsui charcoal

A dish of truffle rice topped with coarsely ground Matsusaka beef and Japanese black beef hamburger and egg yolkThe juiciness of the hamburg steak and the deliciousness of the rice will make you addicted! You can change the taste with the egg yolk sauce, so you will never get tired of it.

Intern student icon B
The egg yolk is thick on the inside, but hard on the outside and cannot be cracked if you poke it with a chopstick. Please be careful when carrying it as it is slippery.
It looks delicious meow! How much can you eat?
lemi (Nestor notatus)
Intern student icon B
It is 1,000 yen including tax. It's a little expensive, but it's more delicious than the price, so I'd like you to try it once!

We also sell finger foods made with carefully selected meat from the direct meat market, as well as seasonal snacks and drinks!

Facility Name baraque
Business Hours (Weekdays) 11:00-18:00
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 10:00 to 19:00
Phone number 0598-67-8283
regular closing day open every day of the year
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=35
SNS Accounts

Sweets Village using carefully selected materials

Sweets Village produced by pastry chef Hironobu TsujiguchiWe now have 2 stores!

one isA cake made with carefully selected ingredients using a unique methodA patisserie cafe where you can enjoy

the other isFreshly baked bread that makes use of the taste of carefully selected domestic wheatIt is a bakery shop lined with

Next to the store, there is also a "strawberry house" and a "cacao house" that are doing strawberry and cacao cultivation research!

From Saturday, January 22, 2022 to Sunday, May 8, 2022, when strawberries are in season, a 40-minute all-you-can-eat event was held!

In addition, "Cacao House"The climate of the place of origin is reproduced, further enhancing the taste of chocolateYes.

For more information about Sweets Village,VISON official websiteYou can check it though.

Introduction of Pastry Chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi

  • At the age of 23, he was the youngest winner of the National Confectionery Technology Contest.
  • Winner of the candy craft category of the Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie, known as the world cup of pastry chefs

You have won many other awards! again,Sweets YouTuberIt is also done.

Mariage de Farine making bread from stone-milled wheat

Inside the Mariage de Farine
※source:VISON official website

bakery shopMarriage de Farine”.

By grinding wheat from Mie Prefecture with a stone mill in the store and combining it with carefully selected wheat flour, the flavor of the wheat is brought out.Enjoy the taste that can only be served herecan!

There are many kinds of bread,The fragrant aroma of freshly baked bread and the chewy bread are perfect for breakfast.It is!

If you are staying at the hotel, please stop by during your morning walk! !

Facility Name Marriage de Farine
Business Hours 8:00-17:00
Phone number 0598-67-4871
regular closing day open every day of the year
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=50
SNS Accounts

Isn't it just the taste? ! Confiture H where you can enjoy the appearance and scent

Confiture H inside view

This is a patisserieConfiture H"is.

Not only does the cake taste good, but it also looks cute, and all of them are devised.

For example, the green cake in the photo below was made with the image of "moss", and the topping sponge and the mousse that covers the whole are coated with green milk chocolate.

The moss is well reproduced meow! Awesome!
lemi (Nestor notatus)

Confiture H cake
(Miyabi (left), Amour Rouge (right))

The most popular "Amur Rouge"It's plump and surprisingly the fork goes in.

Intern student icon B
The flowers on top are edible, and the type of flower changes depending on the season!

Strawberry, raspberry, and Thaiberry are combined into a sweet and sour mousse with rich pistachios.Those who like sweetsRecommended for! !

"Miyabi" is a mousse made with Ise tea.Made with

It has a unique taste of matcha, and the gentle sweetness and slight bitterness are just right.Easy to eat even for people who don't like sweetsI think!

Facility Name Confiture H
Business Hours 8:30-18:00
*Breakfast 8:30~
*Takeout 10:30~
*Eat-in from 11:00
Phone number 0598-67-9060
regular closing day open every day of the year
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=49
SNS Accounts

A lot of glossy and beautiful pottery works! Atelier Vison

Atelier Visonteeth,Produced by Koichi Uchida, a potter active in Yokkaichi City, Mie PrefectureAn area of utensils that spreads the culture of cooking utensils.

Works by current artistsYou can see it up close or buy it!

For more information about Atelier Vison,VISON official websiteYou can check it though.

You can see old cooking utensils! Can buy! KATACHI museum/museum shop

Inside the KATACHI Museum

Old cooking utensils are lined up and you can see them up close at this museum "KATACHI museum/museum shop” is a masterpiece!

In the first place, a kitchen museum is rare, isn't it?

KATACHI museum exhibit with QR code

Among them areBy reading the QR code, you can hear the sound when using the toolThere was also something called!

At the museum shop next to the reception, you can purchase cooking utensils and plates such as bamboo baskets and bamboo baskets used when making xiao long bao!

The price is high, but it was just something that caught my interest.

If you buy a museum admission ticket, you will also get a ticket that gives you a 500 yen discount for each transaction!


online storeThere are also limited-priced tickets, so be sure to check them out!
Facility Name KATACHI museum/museum shop
Business Hours 10:00-17:00
Phone number 0598-67-0725
Admission fees 1,000 yen (tax included)
Online shop limited price
Individual (1 to 9 people) 750 yen
Group (10 people or more) 500 yen
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=43
SNS Accounts

You can buy the artist's work! Galley uhaku

Galley uhaku

Galley uhakuThen, antique and vintage vessels,buy an artist's workI can do it!

This is also a little more expensive than the cooking utensils mentioned earlier, but including the facilities,I was captivated by the space lined with high-quality white works.

KATACHI museum exhibit with QR code

The work is produced in the workshop next door, and if you are luckyYou can also see how the artists are makingthat's right!

We also sell soft serve ice cream made with milk directly sent from Kosai ranch in Mt. Hira in Shiga Prefecture!

Facility Name Galley uhaku
Business Hours 10:00-17:00
Phone number 0598-67-0725
(KATACHI museum/museum shop)
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=44

"Proof of friendship through gastronomy" San Sebastian street

San Sebastian street landscape

In January 2017, Taki Town in Mie Prefecture concluded a “certificate of friendship through gastronomy” with San Sebastian, Spain, which is known as the world's best gastronomic city!

In commemoration of thatsan sebastian streetIt seems that it was named!

Opened 3 popular Spanish bars in San SebastianIt is done.

In addition, Imuraya, a Japanese confectionery shop, and Ise Pudding Tetsujin, a pudding specialty store, also have stores!

For more information on San Sebastian street,VISON official websiteYou can check it though.


online storeThen, you can eat while walking at 3 Spanish barsBar tour ticketis on sale!

One of the stores eligible for bar tickets! World pintxos tournament champion shop! Casa Urola

Exterior of Casa Urola

World pintxos champion, Chef Pablo's restaurant is the most popular bar restaurant in San Sebastian!


About 10 types of pintxosare also available, and they are all bite-sized and easy to eat!

The rich taste of pure bar cuisine, which combines the texture and sauce well, is a taste that seems to go well with sake.

What are pinchos?

Pintxos are small snacks that consist of a small amount of food on a baguette cut into small pieces. In Spain, it is said to be an appetizer that is enjoyed with a red wine called Chiquito or a beer called Slito.
Facility Name Casa Urola
Business Hours 11:00-15:00 (L.O 14:30)
17:00-21:00 (L.O 20:30)
Phone number 0598-67-6360
*4 stores, ARATZ, Casa Urola, Zazpi, and Egun on, have the same phone number, so please check the store name before contacting us.
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=60
SNS Accounts

Introduced on TV! VISON limited shop! Egun on

Exterior of Egun on

Basque cheese tart from sweets shop "Egun on" introduced on TVThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Basque cheese tart

Basque cheese tart that has been loved locally for many yearsThis is a dish that has been completed through trial and error with the desire that Japanese people who are popular for Basque cheesecake around 2021 will eat it.

It is a new taste from a rich and thick cheese with a gentle texture, and a somewhat nostalgic flavor.I want to eat as many as I can! !

If you take it home, the time to defrost is only 1 hour.

If you want to eat at home, but it takes more than an hour to get home, or if you are curious about this Basque cheese tart, please try it.online storeTake advantage!

Intern student icon B
If you store it in the freezer at home, it will last up to 2 weeks! You can buy one locally for 400 yen. 650 yen with truffle.
I want to eat Remi too~
lemi (Nestor notatus)
Facility Name Egun on
Business Hours (Weekdays) 10:00-18:00
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 10:00 to 19:00
(*Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until 18:00 in winter)
Phone number 0598-67-6360
*4 stores, ARATZ, Casa Urola, Zazpi, and Egun on, have the same phone number, so please check the store name before contacting us.
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=62
SNS Accounts

All the charms of Japanese cuisine! ! Wavison where you can enjoy the taste of Japan

Wa Vison landscape

Wavizonteeth,Wavison, where you can enjoy traditional Japanese tastes and dishesthere are manyA large gathering of workshops and specialty stores of manufacturers that support the taste of Japanese cuisinearea.

You can enjoy various Japanese dishes such as sushi, tempura, green tea, and eel.

You can also take a tour of mirin production and experience making your own mirin!

For more information about Wavison,VISON official websiteYou can check it though.

You can drink delicious tea! Ochato Utsuwa HAPPA STAND

Appearance of HAPPA STAND

Based on the concept of "stylish things that transcend the times", one of Japanese traditional culture,A brand that incorporates “tea and utensils” into a stylish modern lifestylebutHAPPA STANDIt is.

Kyoto's Uji matcha is basically served, but Ise tea is served only on Tuesdays.It will be!

Intern student icon B
After walking around VISON in the hot summer, the tea was very soothing and it was a good break.

Hojicha and namagashi

with tea,Unbaked sweets provided by Kinchoen Sohonke in Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecturecan also be eaten!

It's amazing that Hozuki flowers are reproduced.
lemi (Nestor notatus)

One of the 3 types of fresh sweets in the shape of flowers will be given out at random with each order!

It's a fun element to change the type every season!

Facility Name HAPPA STAND
Business Hours (Weekdays) 8:00-17:00
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 8:00 to 19:00
Phone number 0598-67-8858
Home Page vison.jp/shop/detail.php?id=8

Food court, dining hall Wavison

Dining Hall Wavison

The dining hall Wavison, where you can enjoy a variety of dishes,Recommended when visiting with a large group of people and wanting to try different dishes.It is!

The tree in the center and the ground covered with wood chips give off a very pleasant scent that will soothe you when you are tired.

cashless water server

There is also a cashless water server in the facility, so you can drink with a paper cup or fill your own bottle with water.

important point

You cannot enter just to use the water server or to take a break.
Facility Name Dining Hall Wavison
Business Hours (Weekdays) 11:00-17:00 (L.O 16:30)
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 10:00-19:00 (L.O 18:30)
Phone number 0598-67-2921
Home Page vison-foodfes.jp
SNS Accounts

4 tips to fully enjoy VISON

At the end of the VISON introduction article (part 1),4 tips to fully enjoy VISONto introduce.

If you are planning to go to VISON, please refer to it.

4 tips to fully enjoy VISON

  1. Make a schedule that suits your purpose and go around the visiting areas and stores
  2. set a large budget
  3. Use Vison (experience ticket) and online shop
  4. Reduce travel time by using cars and rental mobility within VISON

Tips 1. Make a schedule that suits your purpose and go around the visiting areas and stores

Since the site of VISON is vast and has 9 areas,If your stay is short, it will be difficult to see everythingIt is.

Therefore,Know the characteristics of each area and decide what you want to enjoy.

After that, it is a good idea to pick up areas and stores to visit, prioritizing them.

Also, since there are 8 parking lots in VISON,Find out which parking lots are close to your area of interestkeep it.

Top page of VISON's official websiteTo"Vison's Recommended Ways of Walking for Different Purposes"is described.

There are several courses for different purposes, so please take a look at them as well.

Tip 2. set a large budget

VISON isAs it is a "commercial resort facility", there are many products and services that are generally expensive.It is.

Therefore, in advanceIf you set a large budget and visit from the beginning with the intention of enjoying a luxurious time, you will be able to enjoy it even more.I think.

Also, it is a good idea to check the fees in advance for the facilities and shops you plan to visit.

Tip 3. Use Vison (experience ticket) and online shop

If you have already decided where to visit, you can check the "Vison (experience ticket) product listPlease check.

You may be able to get a better deal than the regular price.However, it is necessary to show the date and time of the visit in advance.

Also, there may be people who visit VISON from afar or during a few-day trip.

In that case,Check the product on site, and thenonline storebuy atIt may be good.

Tip 4. Reduce travel time by using cars and rental mobility within VISON

of VISONIt is quite difficult to walk around the vast grounds. Also, it takes time to move.

to tell the truth,Even if you drive between multiple parking lots on the VISON premises, you will only be charged a parking fee based on the length of time you stay at VISON.

Also,Rental mobility services such as electric motorcycles and kick scootersThere is also

There is a rental fee for this, so why don't you consider using it after consulting with your budget?

I don't think I usually have a chance to ride,Enjoy VISO while enjoying movingYou can.

Intern student icon B
For information on using parking lots and rental mobility, please see the second part of the article.

Summary (Part 1)|Introduction of VISON, Japan's largest commercial resort facility

How was it?

As expected, there is only a facility with a vast site, so this is the first part.

rest below4 areas and deals will be introduced in the second part.doing. Please also take a look.

Four areas introduced in the second part

  1. Wood education area
  2. Honzo area
  3. farm area
  4. hotel area
Click here for the introduction of VISON (Part 2)
Introducing VISON_Part 1
Deals and all 9 areas we found by visiting VISON (Part 2)

See more.

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