MieL Concept

I want to form a “connection” with people

MieLis a system development company located in Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture.Sun-L CorporationIt is a media site made by members involved in.

The subject is not limited to "employees", but "members involved".

Our company's corporate philosophy is to "make everyone involved happy", and we want everyone involved to operate this media and develop together.

Since 2010, we have been striving to realize the philosophy of "making everyone involved happy" through system development in our local Mie prefecture.

Thanks to you, San-El was able to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding, and 2021 will be the 12th year.

During this time, we have gained a lot of assets from “connections” with people, such as connections with people in the region and trading companies, and connections between employees.

We are grateful for the connections we have made so far, and we want to put those connections into words and share our thoughts.

We value the three Ls as the origin of our name. It's Love, Life, Link.

MieL is a place to convey our thoughts. By conveying that feeling, I would like to create a future where people and people, regions and companies are linked.

Our hometown, Mie Prefecture, we want to make the connection we have with people visible, and the name of our company, SunL.

We named it MieL from these three keywords.

MieL will send out various contents that are useful for business and life, such as information on the local "Mie Prefecture", tips on digital technology, San-El's corporate culture and work environment.

We will continue to create MieL in the hope that by disseminating information, new “connections” will be created not only between people, but also between regions, companies, technology, and the future.


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