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Interview with Japanese drum hitomi: Thoughts after the milestone anniversary performance!


Interview with Japanese drum hitomi: Thoughts after the milestone anniversary performance!

Sanel Co., Ltd., which operates MieL, supports people and organizations working hard in the local area based on the corporate philosophy of wanting to make everyone involved happy. In the past, I have introduced the Hibikiza Inase-gumi, a Japanese drumming team based in Matsusaka City, that I met during this time in MieL articles. This time, we would like to ask Hitomi Matsumoto, a member of Hibikiza Inase-gumi, who held a performance commemorating their 20th anniversary at Kuragi Bunka Hall in Matsusaka City on Saturday, August 12, 2023, after the performance. We interviewed him about his impressions and future plans. Matsumoto is active on TikTok, Instagram, etc...

A Japanese drum team active in Matsusaka! Hibikiza Inasegumi 20th anniversary performance report


A Japanese drum team active in Matsusaka! Hibikiza Inasegumi 20th anniversary performance report

Nishikawa Hello, this is Nishikawa from Sun El. Do you all know Hibikiza Inasegumi? This Japanese drum team is based in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, and includes hitomi, an influencer with over 800,000 followers on social media. hitomi (Hitomi Matsumoto) is one of the five Japanese music creators nominated for Music Creator of the Year at the TikTok Awards Japan 2022, and also won second place at Tik Tok LIVE at the TikTok Awards Japan 2022. .

Kuwana sightseeing spots and filming locations


Have fun with small children! Kuwana Sightseeing Spots and Location Tour 10 Selections

Mie Prefecture has places surrounded by nature, such as Ise, the sea and mountains, but it also has exotic scenery and old-fashioned townscapes. In particular, Kuwana City has many opportunities to be featured as filming locations for movies and dramas, and has several shooting spots. From 2022 to 2023, it was reported on social media that famous actors were visiting Kuwana City for filming. Excitement as a story! This time, we focused on Kuwana City, which is located on the border with Aichi Prefecture and has excellent access from Nagoya! Nishikawa This time...

Solo mountaineering on Mt. Horisaka_eye-catching


Take on the challenge of climbing Mt.Horisaka solo! President Tsujihashi talks about the appeal of mountain climbing! ?

Matsusaka beef is one of Japan's leading luxury brand wagyu beef. Sanel Co., Ltd. is located in Matsusaka City, which is well-known for its Matsusaka beef. Nishikawa Hello! This is nishikawa in charge of san-El PR! In this article, I would like to introduce Tsujihashi, the president of Sunel who was born and raised in Matsusaka City and loves his hometown! In fact, he has a very delicate and playful personality, but there are rumors that some people misunderstand him because he looks frightening (accepted by himself)... As public relations, I thought it was a serious situation, but I got information that Tsujihashi had found a new hobby. Nishikawa: This is about Tsujihashi...

12 recommended sightseeing spots in Iga-Ueno


12 Sightseeing Spots in Iga-Ueno, Mie Prefecture! Iga Ware and Kumihimo (braided cord) Experience!

The Iga-Ueno area is also home to Iga-Ueno Castle, the Ninja Museum famous for the Iga Ninja, and many modern buildings built between the Meiji and Showa periods. In addition, there are various hands-on facilities such as ninja shuriken throwing, Iga pottery, and Kumihimo (braided cord), making Iga-Ueno a great place for sightseeing. In this article, we will introduce 12 recommended spots in Iga-Ueno. Nishikawa: Each facility, its highlights, and a map are also included. If you are planning to visit Iga-Ueno in the future, please refer to it to decide your sightseeing course. Also, we will hold a "Present Campaign" this month as well. ...

YouTube game distributor talk


4 tips for beginners to continue YouTube game streaming without failure.

Suddenly, do you regularly watch videos and LIVE feeds on YouTube? Nowadays, we are in a world where we can get a lot of information through social networking services such as YouTube. I also enjoy watching YouTube on days when I have time. Among these YouTube videos, "live game streaming" is one that is very popular within San-El! We are a company with so many members who love games that we have our own Game Department. And our members are not only viewers, but also "game distributors" who distribute their games on YouTube! ...


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