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Have fun with small children! Kuwana Sightseeing Spots and Location Tour 10 Selections

Kuwana sightseeing spots and filming locations

While there are places surrounded by nature such as Ise, the sea and mountains,Mie Prefecture has exotic landscapes and old-fashioned townscapes.

In particular, Kuwana City is often featured as a filming location for movies and dramas, and there are several filming spots.

From 2022 to 2023, it has been reported on social media that famous actors were coming to Kuwana City for filming, and Sun-El's company in Mie Prefecture also said that ``shooting spots in Mie Prefecture'' were local. It's a great topic!

This time,Focus on Kuwana City, which is located on the border with Aichi Prefecture and has excellent access from Nagoya.I did!

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In this article, together with the writer RISA who cooperated with us, as summer vacation is coming up,10 selected spots that can be enjoyed by families, such as filming locations for movies and dramasIntroducing!

This time, I spent a day touring movie filming locations in Kuwana City with my children. Please use it as a reference!

Spot the Difference ~Movie Location Edition~

I made a "mistake search" from the location in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture!

Find the difference in Kuwana filming location

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The mistake isFive in all.! Let's try it now!
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Kuwana City is such a place!

Kuwana City is located in the hinterland of Ise Bay, where the three Kiso rivers of Ibi River, Nagara River, and Kiso River flow into.

It is an area that was the 42nd post station of the fifty-three stages of the Tokaido,A place that prospered greatly as a post town with the only sea route on the TokaidoIt is.

Kuwana City's signature gourmet food is clams, and there are many restaurants scattered throughout the city that serve clam dishes with a unique and rich flavor.

Filming locations for the movie ``My Happy Marriage'' released in 2023, TBS Sunday theater ``DCU'', taiga drama ``Idaten'', and many other works.It is also used as

Pilgrimage to sacred places! Introducing a model course that you can enjoy with your children!

This time, within Kuwana City,Enjoy a full day of filming locations with your kids in three areas (around Kuwana Station, around Tado Taisha Shrine, around Nagashima Onsen)Introducing it separately!

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For this interview, we received a lot of cooperation from the people in charge of each facility, including providing photos and information. Thank you very much to everyone in charge of each facility! !

10 spots in Kuwana city introduced this time

① Rokkaen ②Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park ③Kawaichi ④Shichiri no Watari ⑤Tado Taisha Shrine ⑥ Marushige ⑦Carp cuisine Daikokuya ⑧Nagashima Onsen Hotel Hanamizuki ⑨Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima (10) Hot water island

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When traveling with small children, many people want to be able to visit all three areas smoothly! What route do you recommend?
Originally, it would be smoother to take the route that goes south of Kuwana City little by little, from around Tado Taisha Shrine to around Kuwana Station to around Nagashima Onsen.
However, on this day, the udon restaurant Kawaichi, which I will introduce later in the article, is a popular restaurant, so I decided to take the waiting time into account.Start from around Kuwana Station, walk around Tado Taisha Shrine, then spend the second half of the day around Nagashima OnsenI went around!
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How long did it take you to visit the 10 spots this time?
A course that can be completed in about 12 hours by private carIt was This course also includes a day trip to the hot springs, so when we got home, the whole family was exhausted, but we went straight to bed and fell asleep!
By the way, Mr. Kawaichi says that you can make a reservation for one group per day.If you can make a reservation for lunch, we recommend the course around Tado Taisha → around Kuwana Station → around Nagashima Onsen.It is.

*The approximately 12 hours includes time for the children to take a nap in the car, shopping at Jazz Dream Nagashima, and time for dinner.

Enjoy a trip to Kuwana City's charming filming locations with your little ones.

9:30 a.m. - Rokkaen

Rokkaen 1

The vast grounds are filled with elements of a Japanese garden, including ponds, waterfalls, landscape stones, and dry landscapes.

The main garden of Rokkaen consists of a western-style building, a lawn plaza spreading to the south of the Japanese-style building, and a pond-style Japanese garden.

The garden was designated as a national scenic spot in 2001, and is loved by many people as a place where you can feel the Japanese atmosphere wherever you look.

Rokkaen 2

west side of a river
The contrast between the Western-style building and the Japanese garden is wonderful.
The garden was decorated with seasonal scenery and seasonal flowers, allowing us to experience the beauty of Japan's natural beauty.My children and I also took a walk while observing the plants and creatures.

At Rokkaen, you can enjoy the beauty of the garden throughout the four seasons.

Rokkaen 3

west side of a river
Rokkaen was used as a filming location for a highly popular movie.
That's right. Movies released in 2023Filming locations for “My Happy Marriage” and the taiga drama “Idaten”It is a place that has become a hot topic as it was also used as a place.
The Kuwana Film Commission homepage introduces the situation at the time of filming. By walking around the museum while comparing them, you can get a more impressive experience♪

In detail,this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)Please check it out!

In the lobby of the inner entrance building,Experience “Kuwana no Senbazuru” for 200 yen each timecan. You can choose one from three types depending on the difficulty level, and my 5-year-old daughter completed the easiest 1,000 cranes under the guidance of the staff and was very happy!
By the way, you can take home the 1,000 cranes you experience.
west side of a river
It's fun for small children, and adults can take a break between tours.
That's right. In addition, there is a diaper changing area in the multipurpose restroom outside! Please ask the staff about the nursing room.
Facility Name Rokkaen
Business Hours 9:00-17:00 (However, entry time is until 16:00)
Closed day Monday *If Monday is a holiday, the next weekday
Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29th to January 3rd)
Phone number 0594-24-4466
Entrance fee Adults (high school students and older) 460 yen (group fee 390 yen) Junior high school students 150 yen (group fee 70 yen) *Elementary school students and younger are free. However, an escort is required.
*If you have a disability certificate, please present it at the counter. (You can also post on the app) Admission is free for you and up to 3 accompanying people.
Home Page Official HP
SNS Accounts Instagram:@rokkaen

Kuwana Shichiri Watashi Park where you can play in the water

10:45am - Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park

Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park 1

Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park isIt has a beautiful natural environment and is a recommended spot for a walk.It is.

During the cherry blossom season, the cherry blossoms along the Ibi River bloom all at once, and it is known as a cherry blossom viewing spot called "Sakura embankment".

It's only a 1-minute walk from Rokkaen, so it's an easy spot for families to stop by.

Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park 2

There is no play equipment in the park, butThere is a babbling stream in the park, and you can play in the water by touching it and putting your feet on it.You can to be.

Water hasn't been flowing for the past few years due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it's back!
*Currently, water only flows on Saturdays and Sundays. Please check the official website for the latest facility information.

Please note that it cannot be used with diapers or diapers for swimming.
Children who love playing in water were so happy!
Facility Name Kuwana Shichiri no Watashi Park
Business Hours April 1st - June 30th: 9:00 - 17:00 July 1st - August 31st 9:00 - 18:00 September 1st - November 30th: 9:00 - 17:00 December 1st to the end of February: 9:00 to 16:30 March 1st to March 31st: 9:00 to 17:00
Closed days The 2nd Monday of every month (in the case of a holiday, the next weekday)
*August is the 4th Monday, December 31st, January 1st
Phone number TEL: 0584-54-5531
(In Kiso Sansen Park Management Center)
Admission fees free
Home Page National Kiso Mikawa Park: Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park
SNS Accounts Instagram:@rkisosansenpark
Twitter:@ Kiso Sansen National Government Park [Official]
Facebook:@ Kiso Sansen National Government Park [Official]
*These are not accounts for Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park, but are operated as "National Kiso Sankawa Park".

Kawaichi, a popular udon restaurant where you can enjoy Kuwana's specialties

11:30am - Kawaichi

Udon Yagawa City 1

A very popular udon restaurant for locals and tourists alike.On weekends, there is a queue even before the store opens.river city"

It is a famous restaurant with a history of over 70 years, and the second generation became an udon restaurant, and as of 2023, the third generation has taken over and is running the business.

At the time of its establishment, the restaurant served gyoza, and even though it is an udon restaurant, its gyoza is also very popular! Most of the customers other than us also ordered gyoza.

Udon Yagawa City 2

The popular Hamaguri Dochu (2,180 yen including tax) includes a mini clam hotpot udon and two clam tempura pieces.has become
The popular hotpot udon comes with a choice of ``miso'' or ``sumashi'', and the ``sumashi soup'' made with Kuwana's famous clams was delicious, with a good dashi stock coming out of the clams.

Udon Yagawa City 3

There are tatami mats and tables inside the store, and there is also a private room in the back.

There are plenty of children's chairs and tableware, and there are also children's meals, soA comfortable dining space for customers with small childrenIt has become

Facility Name river city
Business Hours Monday: 11:30-14:30 (LO 14:00)
Wednesday-Sunday: 11:30-14:00 (LO14:00), 17:00-20:30 (LO20:00)
regular closing day Tuesday
Phone number 0594-22-1709
Home Page Kuwana Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Kawa City
SNS Accounts none

Shichiri no Watashi Ato (Shichiri no Watashi Ato), the only sea route of Tokaido

12:40- Shichiri no Watari

Shichiri no Watari trace 1

In Kuwana City,Kuwana-juku, once a post town on the 53 stations of the Tokaidohad.

The distance from the 41st Atsuta no Miya Ferry in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture to Kuwana City was seven miles (approximately 27 meters), so it was called the ``Seven Mile Ferry.''

Shichiri no Watarito trace 2

Shichiri no Watarito trace 3

The large torii gate here is called ``the best torii gate in Ise country'' because it enters the Ise Route, and once every 20 years after the transfer of Ise Grand Shrine, the torii gate used at Ise Grand Shrine is rebuilt here. You can

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It's a place where you can take a breather while feeling as if you've traveled back in time to the Edo period.
Rokkaen and Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park are also nearby, making sightseeing easy.you know. There are sweet shops and restaurants nearby, so it's perfect for a break!
Facility Name Shichiri Crossing Trace
Business Hours none
Phone number 0594-24-1361 (Kuwana City Board of Education Culture Division)
Charge free
Home Page Kuwana Tourism Website: Shichiri no Watari
SNS Accounts none

Area around Tado Taisha Shrine

Tado Taisha Shrine has a deep relationship with Ise Grand Shrine

14:30~ Tado Taisha Shrine

Tado Grand Shrine 1

Tado Taisha Shrine is located slightly north of the center of Kuwana City, surrounded by fields and a scenic natural environment.

Ise Grand Shrine is the god of parent and child (the third child of Amaterasu Omikami), also known as “Kita Ise Grand Shrine”.It is called.

It is a shrine that has been famous for a long time, ``If you go to Ise, you should go to visit Otado, but if you go to Ise, you should go to visit only one visit.''

It was built in the latter half of the 5th century during the Nagashima Ikko Ikki uprising during the era of Oda Nobunaga.
It was completely burnt down by Oda Nobunaga's military fire, and was later rebuilt by Honda Tadakatsu, the first lord of the Kuwana domain.

Tado Taisha 2

Near the front torii gate of Tado Taisha Shrine is the ``Shinbasha'', where a white horse welcomes visitors.

Tado Taisha Shrine 3

You can feed the animals for 100 yen per dish, and instead of feeding them directly with your hands, you can place the food in a feeding box.
Our animal-loving children looked happy to be able to feed the pure white horse they had seen for the first time!
On the first floor of the ceremony hall, there is a baby room with a nursing room, diaper changing area, andThere is also a tatami area where you can take off your shoes and rest, making it easy to visit even with babies.It is
west side of a river
They even have a baby room! ? It's a great environment for moms and dads with young children.
There are some gravel roads, but you can also use strollers. On the day I went for the interview, there were many families visiting the shrine.
west side of a river
This spot was also used as a filming location for a movie.
Tadosan, the sacred object of this shrine, was also featured in a movie released in 2016."Kuhana! One of the filming locations foris. After climbing Mt. Tado, which is rich in nature, we also recommend visiting Tado Taisha Shrine and tasting local sweets during the upcoming hot season!
Facility Name Tado Taisha Shrine
Business Hours 9:00-17:00 (However, worship is free)
Phone number TEL: 0594-48-2037
Charge Precincts freedom
Home Page Official HP
SNS Accounts Instagram:@tadotaisya.official

Marushige, a long-established confectionery shop in Tado

15:00- Marushige


``Marushige'' is a long-established confectionery store that has been in business for 150 years.

A famous restaurant located along the approach to Tado Taisha Shrine, where many people stop by after visiting the shrine.It is.

Marushige_Ice Manju

What I received this time wasKuwana’s summer tradition “Iced Manju”. It has been made using the same manufacturing method from around 1950 to the present day. They use red beans instead of manju and condensed milk instead of the wrapper, and are reasonably priced at 190 yen each.
west side of a river
Manju in ice cream! ? I can't help but wonder what the texture is like, including the taste. .
The light azuki beans are delicious, and although they are a little hard at first, they don't dissolve easily, so you can enjoy them thoroughly.
west side of a river
It's perfect for the hot season!
They also had soft serve ice cream, so I was able to enjoy frozen desserts while taking a break with my kids.

Marushige_Tado uiro

Other famous products include Yatsubo Mame and Tado Uiro, which are shaped like the water spray of Tado Gorge, and Cream Daifuku and Karinto Manju are also popular items.

The sucrose was also brightly colored and looked cute.
Facility Name Marushige
Business Hours 9:00-17:00
regular closing day Thursday
Phone number 0594-48-2102
Home Page Official HP
SNS Accounts none

Daikokuya, a carp restaurant with a beautiful garden

15:20 - Daikokuya

Carp Cuisine Daikokuya 1

Carp cuisine DaikokuyaA famous carp restaurant that has been around since the Edo period, offering a variety of dishes using carp.The company is doing so.

After the customer arrives, the carp that has spent time in the clear underground water of Mt. Tado is processed, so you can enjoy it in an extremely fresh state.

It was founded in the Edo period, and the building is still in use from that time, giving it a nice atmosphere.

Carp Cuisine Daikokuya 2

west side of a river
This spot is also used as a movie location, right?
Movies released in May 2023Filming locations for “Go to the End”It was also used for filming as the home of the yakuza boss played by Akira Emoto.

Carp Cuisine Daikokuya 3

In the center of the store is a beautiful garden of approximately 3,000 square meters, which can be viewed from the guest rooms and hallways.

The garden is used for the scene where they are feeding the carp in the pond and the scene where they are talking, and it has a serene atmosphere, and I was captivated by the scenery.

Carp Cuisine Daikokuya 4

If you would like to tour a filming location without eating or drinking, please ask a staff member. for restaurants,Tours are possible outside of busy hours.is what they said.
west side of a river
It's a vast site, so it's worth seeing.
I agree. Movies released in 2019Filming location of "Archimedes' Great War"It is also used as
Facility Name Daikokuya
Business Hours 11:30-18:00 *Please arrive by 18:00
regular closing day Thursday
Phone number 0594-48-2018
Home Page Kuwana tourism website: Daikokuya
SNS Accounts Instagram:@daikokuya300

Area around Nagashima Onsen

Enjoy Nagashima Resort to the fullest Nagashima Onsen Hotel Hanamizuki

16:15 ~ Nagashima Onsen Hotel Hanamizuki

Nagashima Onsen Hotel Hanamizuki_Lobby

Named after the hotelThe interior of the facility is filled with motifs of ``Flowers, Waters, and Trees.''

The chandelier in the lobby is also gorgeously decorated with flowers and trees.

Nagashima Onsen Hotel Hanamizuki_Tea Lounge Komorebi

Published in 2018An inn modeled after this Hanamizuki appears in the anime series ``The Young Lady is an Elementary School Student.''It is also used as a setting for stories.

Nagashima Onsen Hotel Hanamizuki_Night View Courtyard

west side of a river
This spot is also used as a filming location for other works, right?
Aired in 2022Filming location of TBS Sunday theater “DCU”It was also used as

Making full use of the vast grounds, thrilling and powerful scenes will be beautifully projected in episode 8.
(*Hotel Hanamizuki is a lodging facility, so general guests are not allowed to come just to take photos.We received special permission for this interview.)

Facility Name Nagashima Onsen Hotel Hanamizuki
Phone number 0594-45-1111 (Main) (9:00-17:00)
Home Page Official HP
SNS Accounts Instagram:@nagashimaresort_official

Popular with children! Jazz Dream Nagashima

17:15~ Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima

jazz dream

Features that differ from other outlet malls include:There is also an amusement park "Nagashima Spa Land" and "Nagoya Anpanman Children's Museum & Park" where children can meet their favorite Anpanman.The company has been

west side of a river
It's such a fulfilling spot that you can spend the entire day with your family.
This spot is also used as a filming location for a movie, right?
This spot alsoMovie “Kuhana! 'LocationIt was also used as

At Jazz Dream Nagashima,There is a "Children's Square" that can be used by elementary school students and younger, located on the 2nd floor of the North Area.It is.

Children's Square``You can take off your shoes and use the facility, and there are restrooms for parents and children, a nursing room, a formula room, and a diaper changing area.

There is a viewing/toy area, an area for children over 3 years old, and a baby area for children 0-2 years old, so you can rest assured that they are separated.

There is a cushioned mat so babies can relax when they are rolling over or crawling, and there is also a space to put a stroller.

If you have two or more parents, you can take turns babysitting your child and enjoy shopping on your own for a while.

Jazz Dream_Children's Square

Facility Name Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima
Business Hours Shop 10:00-20:00
*Business hours may vary depending on the season.
Restaurants vary by store.
Food court Weekdays 11:00-21:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:30-21:00
*Last orders and business hours vary depending on the store.
regular closing day to be decided
Phone number 0594-45-8700 (Main)
Home Page Official HP
SNS Accounts Instagram:@mop_nagashima

A hot spring island that heals the fatigue of your travels

Hot water island 1

7:30pm - Yuami no Shima
The hot spring scene in the movie “DCU” was filmed at “Yuami no Shima”, a day trip hot spring facility adjacent to Jazz Dream.It was done. This spot is also available to the general public.

Hot water island 2

west side of a river
This is a great place to stop at at the end of a day trip!
Since the sun began to set,Taking a relaxing bath in the open-air bath while gazing at the scenery outside is truly the ultimate experience.is not it.
I also enjoyed sightseeing and shopping in Kuwana, and finally went home after taking a bath at the natural hot springs of Yuami no Shima.
It's one of the largest in Japan with 17 types of open-air baths and indoor baths, and I almost got lost trying to visit them all. The quality of the springs, as well as the Japanese garden with the open-air bath, is wonderful, and you can relax slowly.

Inside the vast hall,Yuami no Shima, where you can enjoy an after-bath teahouse, a beauty salon, a rock bath, and a gorgeous song show stage.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

In the relaxation room, you can watch movies (Jurassic World and Minions Fever were fun for kids in June) and read over 800 magazines and 23,000 comics for free on your smartphone or tablet.

Facility Name Nagashima Onsen Yuaminoshima
Business Hours 9:30~ (bathing from 10:00): 21:00 or 23:00
*Depends on business days.
Admission fee Normal time (OPEN-14:59)
Adult: General admission ticket 2,100 yen (Additional bedrock bath after admission: +800 yen) Bedrock bath set ticket 2,400 yen
Elementary school students: General admission ticket 1,300 yen (Additional bedrock bath after admission: +800 yen) Bedrock bath set ticket 2,000 yen
Infants (2 years old and up): General admission ticket 700 yen (Children cannot use the bedrock bath)
*Please check the official page for after 3pm.
Phone number 0594-45-1111 (main) (9:00-17:00)
Home Page Official HP
SNS Accounts Instagram:@nagashimaresort_official

Visit Kuwana City's charming filming locations and tourist spots

west side of a river
What did you think of this article, which explores the attractive filming locations of movies?
west side of a river
In this article, we introduced filming locations and sightseeing spots that you can enjoy with small children.

The filming locations of Kuwana City, where rich nature and historical scenery remain, have different aspects depending on the work.will show you.

If you want to know its charm, please come and see it for yourself.

surely,You can experience the excitement of stepping into the world of movies and dramas.must.

There's no need to give up on visiting filming locations just because your kids are young!
west side of a river
That's true! Please enjoy visiting Kuwana with your family.

10 spots introduced this time

① Rokkaen ②Kuwana Shichiri no Watari Park ③Kawaichi ④Shichiri no Watari ⑤Tado Taisha Shrine ⑥ Marushige ⑦Carp cuisine Daikokuya ⑧Nagashima Onsen Hotel Hanamizuki ⑨Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima (10) Hot water island

Answers to Spot the Differences “Movie Locations”

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