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Eco experience at UmiLab


Learn by making pearl accessories! An eco-friendly experience at the retreat facility "UmiLab"

Toba City is where Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of Japan's leading jewelry brand "Mikimoto", successfully cultivated the world's first semicircular pearls. In April 2024, "Umirabo" opened in a location facing Ago Bay in nearby Shima City, making effective use of the site of a closed pearl farm. Umirabo's representative, Kawano, works in public relations and human resources at a startup company, while also launching Umirabo using the site of his family's closed business. I met Kawano at a PR industry networking event and have been with him ever since. I went to Kawano's hometown...

Interview with Japanese drum hitomi: Thoughts after the milestone anniversary performance!


Interview with Japanese drum hitomi: Thoughts after the milestone anniversary performance!

Sanel Co., Ltd., which operates MieL, supports people and organizations working hard in the local area based on the corporate philosophy of wanting to make everyone involved happy. In the past, I have introduced the Hibikiza Inase-gumi, a Japanese drumming team based in Matsusaka City, that I met during this time in MieL articles. This time, we would like to ask Hitomi Matsumoto, a member of Hibikiza Inase-gumi, who held a performance commemorating their 20th anniversary at Kuragi Bunka Hall in Matsusaka City on Saturday, August 12, 2023, after the performance. We interviewed him about his impressions and future plans. Matsumoto is active on TikTok, Instagram, etc...

A Japanese drum team active in Matsusaka! Hibikiza Inasegumi 20th anniversary performance report


A Japanese drum team active in Matsusaka! Hibikiza Inasegumi 20th anniversary performance report

Nishikawa Hello, this is Nishikawa from Sun El. Do you all know Hibikiza Inasegumi? This Japanese drum team is based in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, and includes hitomi, an influencer with over 800,000 followers on social media. hitomi (Hitomi Matsumoto) is one of the five Japanese music creators nominated for Music Creator of the Year at the TikTok Awards Japan 2022, and also won second place at Tik Tok LIVE at the TikTok Awards Japan 2022. .

Kuwana sightseeing spots and filming locations


Have fun with small children! Kuwana Sightseeing Spots and Location Tour 10 Selections

Mie Prefecture has places surrounded by nature, such as Ise, the sea and mountains, but it also has exotic scenery and old-fashioned townscapes. In particular, Kuwana City has many opportunities to be featured as filming locations for movies and dramas, and has several shooting spots. From 2022 to 2023, it was reported on social media that famous actors were visiting Kuwana City for filming. Excitement as a story! This time, we focused on Kuwana City, which is located on the border with Aichi Prefecture and has excellent access from Nagoya! Nishikawa This time...

Solo mountaineering on Mt. Horisaka_eye-catching


Take on the challenge of climbing Mt.Horisaka solo! President Tsujihashi talks about the appeal of mountain climbing! ?

Matsusaka beef is one of Japan's leading luxury brand wagyu beef. Sanel Co., Ltd. is located in Matsusaka City, which is well-known for its Matsusaka beef. Nishikawa Hello! This is nishikawa in charge of san-El PR! In this article, I would like to introduce Tsujihashi, the president of Sunel who was born and raised in Matsusaka City and loves his hometown! In fact, he has a very delicate and playful personality, but there are rumors that some people misunderstand him because he looks frightening (accepted by himself)... As public relations, I thought it was a serious situation, but I got information that Tsujihashi had found a new hobby. Nishikawa: This is about Tsujihashi...

Inaigumi Kibyo Sequence


Spreading taiko from Matsusaka to the world! IT support for the 20th anniversary performance of Hibiki-za Inase-gumi!

Suddenly, what comes to mind when you think of festivals? Among festivals, "taiko," a traditional Japanese art form that moves people's hearts, is probably one of the most familiar sounds that everyone is familiar with at local festivals and events. There is a team that uses taiko to enliven Matsusaka City in Mie Prefecture. The name of the team is "Kyoiza Inasegumi! We have previously introduced this team in a MieL article. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the team's formation, and they will be holding a commemorative performance to mark the occasion. Sun-El supports groups and people who are active in Mie Prefecture ...

Nakasei Green Park_Icatch


Nakasei Green Park Renewed|An introduction to some of the hottest spots in the city!

It has been four years since we moved from Tokyo to Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. When my children, who are now in middle and high school, were young in Tokyo, there were many places in the suburbs of Tokyo where they could play from morning to night to the point of exhaustion, and where they could play all day on a vast site. The advantage of moving to a community from the city center is that there are many spacious areas scattered throughout the city where children can play freely and spontaneously. Four years ago, when I first visited Nakasei Green Park, a 15-minute drive from my home, I was impressed by its vast grounds, ample playground equipment, and easy access to a place where children can play until they are exhausted.

Takegawa Fureai Zoo_Icatch


Takegawa Fureai Zoo|A place to go and experience the warmth of animals up close

Golden Week is approaching soon. Have you made your plans yet? As of March 2023, masks will no longer be required outdoors in principle, and we can finally go outdoors with a liberated feeling. Now that masks are no longer required, there is a recommended place for you to go and have fun! It is the Takegawa Fureai Zoo in Matsusaka City. As the name suggests, this is a zoo where you can directly "pet" the animals! That's right! The best feature of this zoo is that many of the animals, except for birds and monkeys, are laid out ...

Programming Contest Challenge


Kids Lab Students Win Excellence Award in U-16 Programming Contest!

For those of you who are learning programming, when you hear "programming contests", you know! I have tried it before! I am sure that many of you have tried your hand at programming. Our company operates Sun-L Kids Lab, a programming school under the theme of "a place to nurture [the ability to] think and find new possibilities. We want to create a place where children can become familiar with the field of IT from an early age and develop human resources who can work locally in the future using their IT skills! With this in mind, we teach children the joy of programming on a daily basis. We are pleased to announce that three students of our programming class "SunL Kids Lab" ...

2023 Sakura Special_Icatch


Spring is in full swing! We introduce 11 popular cherry blossom spots in Mie Prefecture!

With colorful flowers beginning to bloom and the air becoming warmer, spring is finally in full swing! It is the time of year when people want to go out. Spring is the season to go out and see cherry blossoms. In this issue, we will introduce 11 cherry blossom viewing spots in Mie Prefecture that you should visit for cherry blossom viewing. Restrictions on coronary disasters are gradually being eased, so please enjoy the arrival of spring while taking precautions against infectious diseases! Please check in advancePlease ask each facility in advance about the current blooming status and information on flower-viewing events before you go out. Matchmaking Search - 2023 Mie Prefecture Cherry Blossom Special Edition - Mascot Cat ...


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