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Mie Prefecture Service Area Special Feature Eye-catching


A summary of recommendations for SA/PAs in Mie Prefecture, as told by Mie Prefecture residents!

The year-end and New Year holidays are approaching, which means more opportunities to go out by car, such as on trips back home or on vacation. One of the most enjoyable parts of long car trips is stopping at expressway service areas along the way. For drivers, service areas and parking areas are essential spots for refreshment and fun along the way. Mie Prefecture, famous for its many sightseeing spots such as Ise Jingu Shrine and Kumano Kodo, has unique service areas and parking areas from north to south. In this issue, we will introduce three areas in the northern, central, and southern parts of Mie Prefecture recommended by Mie Prefecture residents.

MieL Summer Photo 2022


MieL Summer Photo 2022 Result] Introducing Mie x Summer photos 🏖.

We want to introduce the charms of Mie Prefecture with more people! With this in mind, we held the "MieL Summer Photo 2022" until September 13, 2022! This was the second time MieL held this event since the spring, and many people participated ✨ Thank you very much for submitting your wonderful works! We are pleased to introduce some of the entries on this page! We're sure you'll want to visit these places! There were also some photos that made me feel relaxed... ♪ MieL Summer Photo 2022 Entries! Photos taken by ...

MieL Game Department introduces Tetcone


The game department of an IT company in Mie Prefecture is a push! Introducing the rhythm game "Tetcocone"!

This article was prepared with the cooperation of Taito Corporation and Round One Stadium Tsu Takajaya. Thank you for your cooperation. Does your company have any in-house activities such as club activities? Maekawa: Sun-L Corporation has various club activities, such as the "Gohan Club," which shares information on delicious meals! We also have other club activities, and through communication during the activities, we are building a relationship that allows smooth communication among the members, including those who are involved in work. Many employees at SANEL are game enthusiasts and enjoy playing PC, console, and smartphone games, etc. ...

Mie Gourmet_Eye Catch (1)


Matsusaka beef, Ise udon noodles, and other classic gourmet foods! 17 Gourmet Ranking of Mie Prefecture by Locals

Many people may think of Matsusaka beef, Ise lobsters, and abalone when they think of Mie Prefecture. As you know, Mie Prefecture faces the sea and is blessed with a wide variety of seafood. In the Asuka and Nara Periods, Mie was called MIKEKETSU-KUNI, and was one of the regions that offered rich regional foods to the imperial family and the Imperial Court. What is MIKEKUNI? MIKETSU-KUNITSU refers to the country that provided food for the emperor in ancient times. The three regions are Awaji (Hyogo Prefecture), Shima (Mie Prefecture), and Wakasa (Fukui Prefecture). The abundant local seafood and numerous foodstuffs grown in the rich land still attract many people ....

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I want to visit once! 12 Mie Autumn Foliage Spots with Stunning Views

Speaking of autumn, it's the season that makes it easier to try various things, such as "Autumn for sports" and "Autumn for reading"! However, when it comes to what you can enjoy only at this time of year, it is "Autumn of colored leaves". Mie Prefecture has many famous places for beautiful autumn leaves. As a local, it's all about the places I want you to visit! That's why I made a feature article about Mie Prefecture's autumn leaves spots selected from the viewpoint of Mie residents. Please take a look! This is a must-see for those who want to take pictures of autumn leaves! Nishikawa: In the article, you'll find some tips for taking pictures of beautiful landscapes. Please refer to it♪ ...

12 recommended sightseeing spots in Iga-Ueno


12 Sightseeing Spots in Iga-Ueno, Mie Prefecture! Iga Ware and Kumihimo (braided cord) Experience!

The Iga-Ueno area is also home to Iga-Ueno Castle, the Ninja Museum famous for the Iga Ninja, and many modern buildings built between the Meiji and Showa periods. In addition, there are various hands-on facilities such as ninja shuriken throwing, Iga pottery, and Kumihimo (braided cord), making Iga-Ueno a great place for sightseeing. In this article, we will introduce 12 recommended spots in Iga-Ueno. Nishikawa: Each facility, its highlights, and a map are also included. If you are planning to visit Iga-Ueno in the future, please refer to it to decide your sightseeing course. Also, we will hold a "Present Campaign" this month as well. ...

Sightseeing in Ise-Shima in summer


Latest in 2022! Recommended Sightseeing Model Course in Ise, Shima, and Toba

Media that “connects” people, local communities, and businesses in Mie Prefecture. MieL also introduces recommended sightseeing spots in Mie Prefecture! Nature, spectacular views, gourmet food, history, leisure, and the sea! Why not come and visit Mie Prefecture this summer, which is full of attractive spots and lots to see? In this article, we will introduce Mie sightseeing model courses recommended by Mie prefecture residents! We propose three day-trip courses that will allow you to efficiently enjoy classic popular sightseeing spots, Mie gourmet food, theme parks, and scenic spots. Ise model course Shima model course Toba model course Of course, you can also combine them into an overnight course ♪ In the second half, there are three...

Eye-catching image Rental vegetable garden_0705


With reassuring support for beginners! Weekend Farming in a Shared Field in Tsu City

Nishikawa Hello! This is Nishikawa from Sun-El. Recently, "shared fields" have become increasingly popular due to their coverage in the news. Have you heard of it? This time, I, a beginner in agriculture who just started a weekly "share field" activity in May of this year, have decided to write an article about the actual activity. For those of you who are interested in renting but are a little unsure, let me introduce the charm of "shared fields" to you! The reason I started the share farm is because of my grandfather who was full of life force My grandfather on my mother's side, who passed away about 20 years ago, was self-sufficient in fish and vegetables even in his old age. Behind his home ...

YouTube game distributor talk


4 tips for beginners to continue YouTube game streaming without failure.

Suddenly, do you regularly watch videos and LIVE feeds on YouTube? Nowadays, we are in a world where we can get a lot of information through social networking services such as YouTube. I also enjoy watching YouTube on days when I have time. Among these YouTube videos, "live game streaming" is one that is very popular within San-El! We are a company with so many members who love games that we have our own Game Department. And our members are not only viewers, but also "game distributors" who distribute their games on YouTube! ...

Summer Sweets in Mie Article


A variety of ice cream, shaved ice, and other must-have summer foods! Summer Sweets in Mie

Recently, summer is approaching, and there are many days when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees during the day... It's the season when you want something cold. When you think of cool summer sweets, there are so many things you want to try, such as ice cream, shaved ice, seasonal fruit parfaits, and more! Last year we featured shaved ice, so this time we've expanded the genre and collected cool sweets that you can enjoy in Mie Prefecture♪ Nishikawa: We've compiled a list of nationally famous ones and locally popular shops, so be sure to check them out! Please watch till the end. We will also be holding a "gift campaign" this month. Details of the campaign can be found at the end of this article...


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