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A summary of recommendations for SA/PAs in Mie Prefecture, as told by Mie Prefecture residents!

Mie Prefecture Service Area Special Feature Eye-catching

The year-end and New Year holidays are approaching, when we will have more opportunities to go out by car, such as for homecomings and trips.

One of the most enjoyable parts of a long car trip is stopping at an expressway service area along the way.

Service areas and parking areas are essential enjoyment spots for drivers on the road, both to refresh themselves and to use.

Mie Prefecture, famous for its many tourist attractions such as Ise Jingu Shrine and Kumano Kodo, also has unique service areas and parking areas from north to south.

This time,Introducing service areas and parking areas recommended by Mie Prefecture residents from three areas: northern, central, and southern areas.I will do so!

west side of a river
If you are looking for a service area/parking area in Mie Prefecture or considering a visit to Mie Prefecture, please take a look!

Save on the whole package! Mie Round Trip Driving Plan

Also,Unlimited expressway rides within Mie Prefecture at a fixed rateWe are pleased to introduce the "Mie Round Trip Driving Plan", also known as the "Mie Round Trip Driving Plan"! Mie Round Trip Drive Plan"!

Reservations can be made one month prior to the departure date and up to the time before passing through the first exit interchange on the departure date.

Please note that this plan is available from Thursday, September 22, 2022 to Wednesday, February 15, 2023, and the amount varies depending on the type of car, number of days of use, and plan.

To use the plan, please contactNEXCO Central Japan Official WEB Sitefor more information!

Mistake-Finding ~Service Area/Parking Area Version~ (Japanese only)

Mistake-Finding" featuring the mascot character Remi

This time,Four in all.I'll get it out!

lemi (Nestor notatus)
Go ahead and give it a try!

The correct answer is available at the end of this article! Please find it!
[Problem] Gozaisho SA and Remi-chan

The 10 service areas and parking areas in Mie Prefecture introduced in this issue

Wangan Nagashima Parking Area (2) Gozaisho Service Area Suzuka Parking Area ④ Seki Drive-in 5) Anno Service Area 6) Turtle Island Parking Area Ureshino Parking Area (viii) Iga Service Area Hajikami Terrace PA ⑩Okuise Parking Area

Two recommended service areas in the northern area

The northern area is,The area is home to popular tourist spots such as Nagashima Spa Land and Nabana-no-sato, and is crowded with tourists from outside the prefecture during the illumination season.It is.

From this northern area, we recommend two locations.

One of the largest parking spaces in Japan! Wangan Nagashima Parking Area

Exterior view of Wangan Nagashima parking area

The Wangan Nagashima Parking Area is located approximately 600 meters from Nagashima Spa Land.

One of the largest parking areas in Japan with 207 parking spacesThe facility has a food court, a souvenir corner, and a power feed station!

However, the Wangan Nagashima Parking Area features more than just vast parking spaces.

Wangan Nagashima Parking Area_Footbath Corner 2

Wangan Nagashima Parking Area_Footbath Corner

The most recommended section is,Footbath corners located on both upper and lower linesIt is!

The time we visited this time was midday on a weekday, but the place was crowded with people enjoying themselves slowly to relieve travel fatigue.

Foot wiping towels can be purchased for 100 yen at the store, and the footbath is free of charge, making it a popular spot to stop by.

At the food court, where the menu is full of local vegetables and specialties, the clam broth is well"Clam Ramen" is recommendedIt is.

In the coming cold season, a recommended way to spend the day is to warm your body in the footbath and eat warm "Hamaguri Ramen" that will satisfy your hunger.

important point

  1. During the summer season, hamaguri are not available and cannot be eaten.
address (e.g. of house) Ascent: 427-2 Matsukage, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture
Down: 393-2, Matsukage, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number Upward: 0594-45-8585
Downstream: 0594-45-8588
EV Charging Facilities having

Gozaisho service area upgraded after 50 years of service

Exterior view of Gozaisho service area

Service area that was renovated in 2010 and has grown in sizeIt is.

You can also enjoy local gourmet food at the store's food court!

Gozaisho Service Area_Food Court Menu

Gozaisho Service Area_Diaper Change

In addition, the Gozaisho Service Area also has a nursing room and diaper changing room, so families with small children can stop by with peace of mind.

address (e.g. of house) Ascent: 1569-2 Aza-Ikenoyaguchi, Yamano-Ichishiki-cho, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture
Down: 1491-2 Randoriguchi, Yamano-Ishiki-cho, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number Upward: 059-332-0423
Downward: 059-332-7323
EV Charging Facilities having

6 recommended service areas in the Chubu area

Suzuka" is a well-known and famous place in the Chubu area.It is.

For the first time in three years, the 2022 F1 Grand Prix will be held at the Suzuka Circuit,The race, which is the highest-ranking race in the automobile racing world, attracts a crowd of about 8 million people.It was.

Here are six recommended locations from the Chubu area where this Suzuka Circuit is located.

Visitors can enjoy motorsports-related exhibits! Suzuka Parking Area

Suzuka parking area exterior

The Suzuka Parking Area is an up-and-down intensive parking area located near the Suzuka Circuit, famous for its F1 race!

The Suzuka PA can be entered from a public road so that general users can also do so.

Suzuka Parking Area_Exterior view of the outbound entrance

If it is a centralized upper and lower type, the entrances and exits may become confusing. Don't you think?

Don't worry, it will be fine!

There is an "O" for Osaka and an "N" for Nagoya placed at the entrance and exit as landmarks!

Also, at the exit for Nagoya (up), Isekatagami products are on display and a selection of related products are available in the store.

Suzuka Parking Area_Inbound Entrance_Exhibition Corner for Ise Katagami Products

The exit for Osaka (downhill) was decorated with calligraphy and paintings using Suzuka ink, a traditional industry of Suzuka City!

Suzuka Parking Area_Outbound Entrance_Suzuka Ink Display Corner

There is also a special Suzuka Circuit corner with souvenirs that can only be purchased at Suzuka Circuit!

Suzuka is,A mecca for motorsportsThe Suzuka Parking Area also has a permanent corner related to the Suzuka Circuit.

If you are a fan of motorsports, this section is for you!

Suzuka Parking Area_Special Corner of Suzuka Circuit

The Suzuka Parking Area is recommended as a stopover rest spot when heading to the area, as Kataoka Onsen and Yunoyama Onsen are also located approximately 20 minutes away on the Shin-Meishin Expressway.

address (e.g. of house) Yamamoto-cho, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture New Meishin Expressway
Phone number 059-371-6572
EV Charging Facilities having

Many unusual items, Seki Drive-in

Sekijuku is the 47th stop on the 53 Stages of the Tokaido Highway counting from Edo.

The Seki Drive-In is located near this Seki Inn,Drive-in located at a key point of highways and trunk roads connecting KansaiIt is known as the

Exterior of Seki Drive-in

Located at a point that connects the central part of Mie Prefecture with various tourist attractions, it is decorated with "okihiki," exhibits of the mass participation event of the Shikinen Sengu, or the relocation of the Ise Jingu shrine.

Many people see the okihiki itself for the first time, making it a memorable facility for users who stop by.


Shikinen Sengu" refers to the construction of a new shrine building and the transfer of the sacred object from the old shrine to the main shrine building at regular intervals. Shikinen Sengu has been repeated for 1,300 years, and although there have been periods of postponement, it has been held once every 20 years until the present day in 2022.

Seki Drive-In_Exhibits_Okihiki(1)

Seki drive-in _ Exhibit _ Okihiki (2)


The "okihiki" is a folkloric event that takes place every 20 years as a service to dedicate the sacred wood for the Ise Jingu shrine's transition ceremony. Local people pull a rope together to carry the sacred wood into the shrine using a special vehicle called a hoeisha, which is loaded with the sacred wood.

This alone is unusual enough, but something even more eye-catching was installed at the Seki Drive-in.

Here it is!

Seki Drive-In_Matsuzaka Beef Vending Machine

What a surprise,Matsuzaka beef vending machine.are placed!

At this vending machine, you can buy a boxed lunch made with Matsusaka beef!

However, please note the following.

All products are frozen, so please take them home, thaw them slightly, and heat them up in the microwave before serving!

address (e.g. of house) 39 Hagiwara, Seki-cho, Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number 0120-141-467
Official SNS Accounts
EV Charging Facilities having

Anno Service Area, gentle to a tired body

Ano service area exterior

The Anno service area is,Famous for selling "Ise Udon Pan", a bread made from "Ise Udon", which is gentle to a tired body.It is.

Ise udon noodles are very soft, and it is said that they were created by local people who wanted to offer travelers visiting Ise from afar something easy to digest to ease their fatigue.

17 Mie Prefecture Gourmet Ranking by Locals
Mie Gourmet_Eye Catch (1)
Matsusaka beef, Ise udon noodles, and other classic gourmet foods! 17 Gourmet Ranking of Mie Prefecture by Locals

See more.

BAKERY HARBOR, located in the service area, is known for its lineup of freshly baked bread under the supervision of Yamazaki Baking Company, which handles this Ise Udon bread.

Ano Service Area_Diaper Changing Room

Ano Service Area_Entrance of Kids Toilet (1)

In addition to the diaper room, there is also a kids' restroom with a cute entrance!

Families with small children can also use this facility with peace of mind!

Ano Service Area_Dog Run Booth

There is also a dog run outside.

Anno Service Area_Dog Water Fountain/Foot Washing Area

Ano Service Area_Dog Toilet

There were also pet toilets and washrooms for pets!

This makes it a safe place to stop by when traveling long distances with pets!

address (e.g. of house) Ascent: 2807-2 Uchida, Anno-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture
Down: 138-17 Machinami Ishibashi, Osato Mutsumiai-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number Upward: 059-268-1207
Downward: 059-268-1103
EV Charging Facilities having

Unique local goods are available at the Turtle Island Parking Area.

Kameyama parking area exterior

Kameyama Parking Area_Shiradama Magnet Key Holder (1)

At Kameyama PA, "Shiradama," a specialty of Sekiyado that has been popular since the Edo period, is sold, and goods featuring "Shiradama" are also available!

These goods are sold at other facilities in the city in addition to Turtle Island PA, so please try to find them.

The products pictured are "Eating Shiradama magnets" and "Shiradama key chains," souvenirs unique to local specialties that realistically reproduce the doughy texture of mochi (rice cakes).

address (e.g. of house) Ascent: 804-6 Aza Takatsuka, Fuki-machi, Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture
Downward: 942-1 Aza-Osai, Fuki-machi, Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number Upward: 0595-82-7660
Downstream: 0595-82-3631
EV Charging Facilities nil

Many local original menus are available! Ureshino Parking Area

Exterior photo of Ureshino parking area

Ureshino parking area is,A parking area where giant takoyaki octopus balls have been featured on TV.It is!

However, there were not only giant takoyaki, but also local collaboration menus exclusive to this parking area.

Ureshino parking area_Igagoe chirashi and noodle set (1)

Ureshino parking area_In-store menu

This time, we had the "Iga Koshi Chirashi and Noodle Set", a local collaboration menu on the downhill line!

The soup stock for the noodles is "dashi umami tsuyu" sold in the Ureshino Parking Area, which has a refreshing taste and a gentle flavor that eases the fatigue of the traveler.

The Iga Koshi Chirashi has finely chopped Iga Koshi pickles, and the overall flavor is light and easy to eat, just the right flavor for a long drive between meals.

What is Igaokoshizuke?

A traditional pickle in the Iga region, home of the ninja, made by stuffing white gourd with chopped shiitake mushroom leaves, berries, ginger, and radish, and pickling them in homemade "tama-miso" (soybean paste).

Ureshino parking area/In-store menu

In the food and beverage corner, the three best dishes made with Matsusaka beef are also recommended!

Other unusual products, such as original T-shirts of Ureshino Parking Area, are also available at the souvenir shop.

address (e.g. of house) Upward:188 Ureshino Yakuoji-cho, Matsusaka-shi, Mie
Downward: 191 Aza Higashikyo, Ureshino Yakuoji-cho, Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number Upward: 0598-42-4640
Downstream: 0598-42-6570
EV Charging Facilities nil

Iga Service Area in Iga, famous as the home of the ninja.

Iga service area is,One of the few rest stops on the Meihan National HighwayIt is.

There are souvenir shops, restaurants, a food court, and stores, and you can even try delicious local Japanese sweets!

Both Iga Service Area and Roadside Station Iga (formerly Iga Service Area Downhill) offer a variety of souvenirs unique to the Iga region.

Each also has its own original ninja-inspired menu, including ninja software.

address (e.g. of house) Upward: 6427 Tsuge-cho, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
Down: Roadside Station Iga, 6187-1 Tsuge-cho, Iga City, Mie Prefecture
Phone number Upward: 0595-45-3511
Downstream: 0595-45-3513
EV Charging Facilities Yes *According to the official website, it is currently out of order.

Two recommended service areas in the southern area

Here are two locations from the Southern Service Area and Parking Area.

Onigajo.and ... andKumano KodoIt is recommended as a stopover and rest spot when heading to

Kihoku Parking Area, with its distinctive and stylish exterior terrace

Exterior of Hajikami Terrace PA

The Kihoku Parking Area is nicknamed "Hajishin Terrace.

Named for its location on the World Heritage Kumano Kodo "Shikigami PassYes.

Located on the free section of the Kisei Expressway, it is an up-and-down intensive type parking area with common facilities and equipment for both up and down lines.

It is a well-designed two-story structure with a distinctive terrace made of Owase cypress, a local specialty.

The second floor is designed to be used as a rest room and multipurpose space under normal circumstances, but also to serve as a backup facility for the government in the event of a tsunami or other disaster.

Hajikami Terrace restaurant menu sign

Also, in addition to the role of equipment functions,The restaurant at Hajishin Terrace is a high-profile establishment.It is.

It is said that dishes using Ise lobsters caught on Kii-Nagashima and, depending on the season, Watari oysters, which are said to be fantastic oysters, are also available, making it a rest spot that is well worth stopping by.

address (e.g. of house) 600 Miura, Kihoku-cho, Kitamuro-gun, Mie Prefecture
Phone number 0597-46-1011
EV Charging Facilities having

Okuise parking area with hidden heart-shaped paving stones.

Exterior view of Okuise parking area

In the plaza in front of the facilities at the Okuise Parking Area,Heart-shaped paving stones, which are said to "bring happiness if you find them all.There are

Also sold in the store are "Ise Takuan Onigiri" and "Tanuki Onigiri," which are only available here and made with great care by local people.

Other.Local specialties such as "Naisyo mochi (rice cakes)," "Ouchiyama milk products," and "Odaicha (tea)" are also available and recommended as souvenirs!It is.

address (e.g. of house) Ascent: 866-2, Takana, Odai-cho, Taki-gun, Mie-ken
Downward: 877-8, Takana, Odai-cho, Taki-gun, Mie-ken
Phone number Upward: 0598-83-6515
Downstream: 0598-83-6505
EV Charging Facilities having

The difference between service areas and parking areas

Although some of the facilities introduced in this report were only in operation for a short time, they were so well equipped that they were indistinguishable from service areas.

Until now, the difference between the two has been based on the size of the site and the level of services provided.

However, with the emergence of parking areas that do not differ from service areas, we were curious to find out what the criteria are for judging the difference between the two.

Nexco East Japan's official website commentsto the following.


One parking area should be set up approximately every 15 km, and one service area every 50 km.

Roughly every 15 kilometers or 50 kilometers."As it is written, the distance is not always the same as the distance of this section, because it is set up while considering the location and route conditions when constructing the expressway.

Although restrooms are provided in all service areas and parking areas, I realized after visiting the site that there is no clear demarcation of the services provided.

4 digitalization of service areas and parking areas

In recent years, digitization has progressed in many areas.

I felt this trend everywhere, even in the service and parking areas introduced here.

As a frequent user of service areas and parking areas, I feel that the change from paper to digital has made it easier to collect information instantly.

This time,Four impressive analog-to-digital in-facility servicesI will do so!

You can check refueling locations anywhere! Digitization of gas station information!

Digital introduction case 2

How do you find gas stations when driving on the highway?

You may have checked the information and maps posted at SAs and PAs, or used the icons on SA and PA information boards while driving.

In fact, digitalization is underway, and from April 2022, information will be provided as gas station maps on the websites of NEXCO East, Central Japan and West Japan companies.

This convenient service allows you to check gas station-specific information on a map at a glance, which is especially useful for long-distance travel on expressways.

For information on the NEXCO Central Japan version,this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)It is!

Easy with your smartphone! Digitized nationwide deals!

Digital introduction case 4

All of you.The Waku Waku Highway.Do you know a smartphone application called

This application isRegularly provides useful and exciting information on events and campaigns, as well as standard and seasonal gourmet foods, recommended souvenirs from the area, and more.The company is doing so.

The service also detects GPS and provides information on nearby service areas and parking areas, making it convenient for travelers who are unfamiliar with the area.

If you want to download from Applethis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity)
If you want to download it from Androidthis way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker)from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity)

Touch-panel digital signage for efficient collection of in-store information

Digital introduction case 3

In-store gourmet information, which used to be transmitted via wallpaper posters, can now be obtained efficiently via the touch panel system.

In addition, the first visual impression of the product images on the monitors in the Suzuka parking area was colorful and easy to see, which stimulated the desire to purchase.

Voices that communicate easily! Digitized Customer Testimonials

Digital case studies

Digitization has made it unnecessary to rush to fill out questionnaires on the spot.

The use of digital technology will also make it easier for the management to collect and tabulate the surveys, and is expected to speed up the process of improvement.

Summary|Recommended SA/PAs in Mie Prefecture

How was it?

Introducing service areas that are so attractive that you may want to make them your destination, such as service areas where you can enjoy delicious gourmet food unique to Mie Prefecture, which is rich in seafood and mountain products, and places where motor fans may get heated up!I did.

The year-end homecoming season is finally approaching.

We hope you will stop by the service areas and parking areas we have introduced to create memories of your trip.

The 10 Mie Prefecture service areas and parking areas introduced in this article

Wangan Nagashima Parking Area (2) Gozaisho Service Area Suzuka Parking Area ④ Seki Drive-in 5) Anno Service Area 6) Turtle Island Parking Area Ureshino Parking Area (viii) Iga Service Area Hajikami Terrace PA ⑩Okuise Parking Area

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