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10 recommended illumination and light-up events in Mie Prefecture

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The coldness of the wind hitting my cheeks has increased, and winter is finally here.

Therefore, recommended for this season when the air is cleanIllumination spots that can be enjoyed in Mie Prefecture and unique light-up events such as projection mapping and bamboo lightsto the following.

A wide variety of events are held throughout the prefecture, from illuminations that boast the largest scale in Japan to hidden spots that can be enjoyed for free.

west side of a river
If you are wondering where to go, please refer to this article!

To make unforgettable memories this winter, please come to the illumination & light-up event during your next holiday!

Finding Differences ~ Mie Prefecture Illumination Special Edition ~

Mistake-Finding" featuring the mascot character Remi

This time, I will give out 5 in total !

lemi (Nestor notatus)
Go ahead and give it a try!

Remy and illumination

2 Recommended Illuminations in the Hokusei Region

Flowers and lights color the park! Japan's largest illumination "Nabana no Sato" (Kuwana City)


Offer:Nabana no Sato

Not only in Mie Prefecture,The illumination of "Nabana no Sato" attracts attention from all over Japan.

Every year, a large-scale illumination is held according to a theme, and this year's theme is"Sky Ship"It is.

A sailing ship floats in the large panorama of the theme area, and a shining ship emerges on the stage of six seas such as life, fire, space and happiness.

The overwhelming scale of about 35m in height and about 155m in width, with the world's highest programming technology and the latest LED technology, invites the viewer into the world of stories.

In addition, above the central pond, there is a water illumination that dynamically expresses the flow of the three Kiso rivers, "The Great River of Light."

The petal-shaped socket warmly illuminates the tunnel,"Tunnel of Light" was selected as one of the "I want to go before I die! Amazing view of the world"


Offer:Nabana no Sato

"Millennium Garden Hikari no Mori" where countless lights color a 1000-year-old olive tree from Valencia, Spain

There are many highlights throughout the park, such as the fantastic “Flower and Light Contest” where seasonal flowers such as autumn leaves, weeping plum blossoms, and Kawazu cherry blossoms are lit up.

We also recommend getting on the observation deck "Island Fuji" where you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama from a height of 45m and looking at the illuminations from above.

Please visit "Nabana no Sato" at night when it is lit up, which is a bit different from the daytime.

You may be able to make the best memories of this winter. *Please check the website for detailed information such as lighting times.

address (e.g. of house) 270 Komae Urushibatake, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana-shi
Phone number 0594-41-0787
period Now being held until May 31, 2023
Business Hours 10:00-21:00 (may change depending on season and day of the week)
regular closing day open every day during the period
Admission fee Elementary school students and older: 2,500 yen (includes 1,000 yen coupon), children under elementary school age are free
*From December 23rd to 25th, a special ticket with a specific date (5,000 yen, pre-purchase) is required.

"Gift of Light from Suwa Park 2022" where registered tangible cultural properties are beautifully decorated with light (Yokkaichi City)


Offer:Suwa Park Exchange Center

“Gift of Light from Suwa Park 2022” will be held again this year, which will color Suwa Park in Yokkaichi City.will be

The symbol of the park, the Suwa Park Exchange Center, is a historic building that was completed in 1929 and is a nationally designated tangible registered cultural property.


Offer:Suwa Park Exchange Center

The sight of about 50,000 light bulbs decorating the buildings and trees in the park is a winter tradition in Yokkaichi.

Please come and see the fantastic scenery, which is different from the massive atmosphere you see during the day.

In the neighborhood, the camphor trees from Kintetsu Yokkaichi Station to Route 1 are decorated with illuminations."YOKKAICHI WINTER ILLUMINATION" is also being held at the same time with eye-catching heart-shaped objects.It is.

Spend a romantic evening in downtown Yokkaichi.

address (e.g. of house) 22-25 Suwasakae-cho, Yokkaichi-shi
Phone number 059-350-8411
period Now being held until February 14, 2023
Business Hours 17:00-24:00
regular closing day Illuminations (Open every day during the period) Suwa Park Koryukan [closed from December 29th (Thursday) to January 3rd (Tuesday) during the year-end and New Year holidays]
Admission fee free

2 Recommended Illuminations in the Iga Region

“Menard Aoyama Resort” (Iga City) where the natural beauty of a highland resort emerges in the light


Offer:Menard Aoyama Resort

At the highland resort "Menard Aoyama Resort" located at an altitude of 600m, illuminations are held throughout the year.


Offer:Menard Aoyama Resort

Taking advantage of the rich natural scenery, trees are decorated with light, and the entire resort area is colored with warm light in the clear air of the highlands.

The sparkle of the photo spots in the park changes with the season, so it's fun to see what color it is now!

address (e.g. of house) 2356 Kiryu, Iga City
Phone number 0595-54-1326
period Held all year round
Business Hours Sunset to around 21:00
regular closing day open every day during the period
Admission fee free

Light up fir tree of 11m in height! "Iga Village Mokumoku Handmade Farm" (Iga City)


Offer:Iga Village Mokumoku Handmade Farm

Mokumoku Handmade Farm is an agricultural park in Iga City where you can find many delicious foods.

The big fir tree in the free area is lit up again this year! !

A 50-year-old, 11-meter tall real fir tree transforms into a light-filled tree during the winter.

From January 2nd (Monday) to January 4th (Wednesday), 2023, "Mokumoku no New Year" will be held, and on February 4th (Sat) and February 5th (Sun), 2023, the Setsubun event "O There are many events such as Bean Day!

There are many events that are unique to this season, so please enjoy them together with the illuminations.

Don't forget to try seasonal produce and other specialties unique to Mokumoku Handmade Farm!

address (e.g. of house) 3609 Nishiyubune, Iga City
Phone number 0595-43-0909
period Now being held until February 26, 2023
Business Hours 10:00-17:00 (varies by facility)
*Illumination is from 17:00 to 21:00
regular closing day Irregular holidays
Admission fee 3 years old and over 500 yen
* Viewing the Christmas tree is free

2 Recommended Illuminations in the Nakase Region

“Geino Xmas 2022” where local residents decorate the venue with 100,000 LED lights (Tsu City)


Offer:Tsu City Geino General Cultural Center

Located in Geino-cho, Tsu City"Tsu City Geino General Cultural Center"but,It is beautifully decorated with full-color LEDs by local residents.

On December 24th (Sat), there will be a fantasy fireworks display (19:00-15 minutes)

Until December 25th (Sun), illuminations will be lit at the entrance of the parking lot of the Geino General Cultural Center and the entrance of the center, and LED screen projection will also be carried out.

Christmas Eve, where you can enjoy fireworks and illuminations at the same time, is likely to be a particularly memorable event.

address (e.g. of house) 6824 Mukumoto, Geino-cho, Tsu-shi
Phone number 059-265-2304 (Tsu City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Geino Branch)
period Now being held until December 25th
Business Hours 17:30-21:00
*Fireworks on December 24th start at 19:00 and last for about 15 minutes.
regular closing day open every day during the period
Admission fee free

Illumination in a warm room "Mie Prefectural Mie Children's Castle" (Matsusaka City)


Offer:Mie Prefectural Mie Children's Castle

At the large children's center "Mie Prefectural Mie Children's Castle" in Matsuzaka City, the indoor illumination is set up so that even small children can enjoy it safely.It looks like

The theme of this year's indoor illumination is "Animals and the Forest of Light."

Animals such as the rabbit, which is the zodiac sign of the coming year, will welcome you in the illuminated forest.


Offer:Mie Prefectural Mie Children's Castle

The lighted Christmas tree in the center is decorated with pictures drawn by children from local preschools and kindergartens.

Please enjoy the illumination that can be seen even during the day because it is indoors!

address (e.g. of house) 1291 Tatsunomachi, Matsusaka City Chubudai Athletic Park
Phone number 0598-23-7735
period Now being held until January 29, 2023
Business Hours 9:30-16:30
regular closing day Closed on Mondays and year-end and New Year holidays. If Monday is a holiday, the following day (weekday) will be closed. For more informationOfficial HPPlease refer to the.
Admission fee Free admission

2 Recommended Illuminations in the Ise-Shima Region

A tree that shines as electric eels discharge! "Toba Aquarium" (Toba City)


Offer:Toba Aquarium

"Billy the Electric Eel! Christmas" is being held at the Toba Aquarium in Toba City!

A glowing tree is set up according to the electrical discharge of the electric eel.

The timing of the light isA fun Christmas tree that depends on the mood of the electric eelIt is.

In addition, divers in Santa costumes will appear in the dugong tank on Christmas Eve, December 24th, and in the manatee tank on December 25th, and a performance will be held to present their favorite food.

Enjoy events unique to Toba Aquarium.

address (e.g. of house) 3-3-6 Toba, Toba-shi
Phone number 0599-25-2555
period Now being held until December 25th
Business Hours 9:00-17:00
regular closing day open every day during the period
Admission fee Adults 2,800 yen Elementary and junior high school students 1,600 yen Infants (3 years old and over) 800 yen

Spend a special time with illuminations and a Christmas tree at "Shima Spain Village" (Shima City)


Offer:Shima Spain Village

At Shima Spain Village, a resort complex in Shima City, a giant Christmas tree will appear, and the exotic townscape and attractions will be romantically decorated with illuminations."Sparkling Christmas" is being held gorgeously again this year.


Offer:Shima Spain Village

At Plaza de Cibeles, projection mapping of light and music journeys around the world's festivals"Sun/Moon Rhapsodya"is also held at the same time.

It will liven up with passionate images and music.

Limited-time Christmas gourmet foods such as “Snowman Pancake” and “Reindeer Burger” will also appear, and the entire park will celebrate Christmas in a grand manner.

We also have Christmas goods, so if you want it, don't miss it!

address (e.g. of house) Sakazaki, Isobe Town, Shima City
Phone number 0599-57-3333
(Parque Espana telephone information)
period Now being held until December 25th
*Projection mapping until January 9, 2023
Business Hours 10:00-17:00 (changes on weekends during peak season)
regular closing day open every day during the period
Admission fee Passport: 5,400 yen for adults, 4,400 yen for middle and high school students, 3,600 yen for 3 years old to elementary school students and seniors (65 years old and over)
Afternoon passport: 2,400 yen for adults, 1,800 yen for middle and high school students, 3 years old to elementary school students, and seniors (65 years old and over)

Two unique light-up events


2,000 bamboo lights magically illuminate the Akame Valley at Akame Shijuhachitaki (Nabari City)

At "Akame 48 Waterfalls" in Nabari City, where ninjas are said to have trained in the past,"Akame Valley Yugen no Bamboo Light" is being held again this year.

Against the background of moss-covered valleys and flowing waterfalls,A unique light-up event where 2,000 large and small bamboo lights emit a warm light and create a fantastic atmosphere.It is.

During the illumination period, the Akame Museum of Natural History is also open until 20:00.

This is your chance to see the Akame 48 Waterfalls that you have never seen before.

address (e.g. of house) 671-1 Nagasaka, Akame-cho, Nabari-shi
Phone number 0595-41-1180
period Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from now until January 31, 2023
Business Hours Illumination 17:00-19:30
regular closing day December 28th to January 2nd, 2023
Admission fee 600 yen for adults, 300 yen for elementary/junior high school students (includes gorge entrance fee)

Powerful! Ise Ninja Kingdom, where the flames of Azuchi Castle are reproduced by projection mapping (Ise City)


Offer:Ise Ninja Kingdom

At Ise City's "Ise Ninja Kingdom", where you can enjoy the streets and attractions that seem to have slipped into a period drama,The powerful nighttime light-up "Night Kingdom" is being held.

Japan's first at the "Phantom Castle Building Show"! With the world's highest brightness 3D projection mapping, the symbol of the facility, Azuchi Castle, will be flashy from its construction to its burning down.


Offer:Ise Ninja Kingdom

There is also a "Four Seasons Garden" that expresses the beautiful four seasons of Japan by lighting up the entire garden according to the season.

"Bonsai no ba -Shadow and Light-" beautifully illuminates the space where bonsai gather with projection mapping and lighting.

A never-before-seen light show will appear, such as the Edo Starry Sky Corridor, in which a dragon appears in the starry sky and invites you to the castle at the top of the mountain.

Please enjoy the fantastic appearance that can only be seen at night.

address (e.g. of house) 1201-1 Mitsu, Futamicho, Ise City
Phone number 0596-43-2300
period Held all year round
Business Hours 9:00-17:00 / Illumination 18:00-21:30 (Last entry 20:30)
regular closing day 7 days a week
Admission fee Adults (junior high school students and above) 2,000 yen, children (elementary school students) 1,000 yen, preschoolers free

Don't miss the illumination and light-up event that brightly colors the winter night!

How was it.

Illuminations and light-ups in Mie Prefecture have many unique events that can be enjoyed even during the day and change with the seasons.

There are many events that shine on clear winter nights, so be sure to wear warm clothes and enjoy the cold weather!

Answers to Finding Differences "Mie Prefecture Illumination Edition"

Remy and Illumination_Correct

Remi - upper body sideways
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