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Flowers of Mie -Naka-Sei, Minami-Sei -Spring & Summer- Eye Catching


Spring/Summer Edition] Spectacular View! 6 Flower Spots in Chunansei, Mie that You Must Visit!

The pollen season is over, and the warm sunshine season is just around the corner. I want to go out somewhere, but where should I go? At times like these, why not enjoy the bright flowers that decorate the season? In addition to the classic hydrangeas and sunflowers, there are many other seasonal flowers. We would like to introduce you to the ``spring to summer flowers'' in the Chunanse region of Mie Prefecture, which are reaching their peak one after another. Season (normal year) Region Spot name Flower name Late April to early May Tsu City Kazahaya no Sato Wisteria Late April to early May Matsusaka City Matsuzaka Castle Ruins (Matsusaka Park) Wisteria Late April to early May Taiki Town Nohara Park wisteria mid-April...

Nakasei Green Park_Icatch


Nakasei Green Park Renewed|An introduction to some of the hottest spots in the city!

It has been four years since we moved from Tokyo to Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. When my children, who are now in middle and high school, were young in Tokyo, there were many places in the suburbs of Tokyo where they could play from morning to night to the point of exhaustion, and where they could play all day on a vast site. The advantage of moving to a community from the city center is that there are many spacious areas scattered throughout the city where children can play freely and spontaneously. Four years ago, when I first visited Nakasei Green Park, a 15-minute drive from my home, I was impressed by its vast grounds, ample playground equipment, and easy access to a place where children can play until they are exhausted.

Takegawa Fureai Zoo_Icatch


Takegawa Fureai Zoo|A place to go and experience the warmth of animals up close

Golden Week is approaching soon. Have you made your plans yet? As of March 2023, masks will no longer be required outdoors in principle, and we can finally go outdoors with a liberated feeling. Now that masks are no longer required, there is a recommended place for you to go and have fun! It is the Takegawa Fureai Zoo in Matsusaka City. As the name suggests, this is a zoo where you can directly "pet" the animals! That's right! The best feature of this zoo is that many of the animals, except for birds and monkeys, are laid out ...

Programming Contest Challenge


Kids Lab Students Win Excellence Award in U-16 Programming Contest!

For those of you who are learning programming, when you hear "programming contests", you know! I have tried it before! I am sure that many of you have tried your hand at programming. Our company operates Sun-L Kids Lab, a programming school under the theme of "a place to nurture [the ability to] think and find new possibilities. We want to create a place where children can become familiar with the field of IT from an early age and develop human resources who can work locally in the future using their IT skills! With this in mind, we teach children the joy of programming on a daily basis. We are pleased to announce that three students of our programming class "SunL Kids Lab" ...

2023 Sakura Special_Icatch


Spring is in full swing! We introduce 11 popular cherry blossom spots in Mie Prefecture!

With colorful flowers beginning to bloom and the air becoming warmer, spring is finally in full swing! It is the time of year when people want to go out. Spring is the season to go out and see cherry blossoms. In this issue, we will introduce 11 cherry blossom viewing spots in Mie Prefecture that you should visit for cherry blossom viewing. Restrictions on coronary disasters are gradually being eased, so please enjoy the arrival of spring while taking precautions against infectious diseases! Please check in advancePlease ask each facility in advance about the current blooming status and information on flower-viewing events before you go out. Matchmaking Search - 2023 Mie Prefecture Cherry Blossom Special Edition - Mascot Cat ...

Shima Spain Mura Collaboration Event


Hot topic now! I went to the Shuo Coral x Shima Spain Village collaboration event!

Have you ever heard of the popular "Shima Spain Mura"? Shima Spain Village is a resort complex that recreates the exotic Spanish cityscape and includes the Parque España theme park for children and adults alike, the Shima Spain Village Hotel, and the Sunflower Hot Spring! The area of the Spanish Village is 1,130,000 square meters, which is about 24 times the size of Tokyo Dome! Spanish Village is very famous among the locals, but it is actually a hot topic of conversation right now for a certain reason. The reason is that VTuber Suo Sango, who belongs to Niji Sanji ...

All-you-can-eat oysters_0126


Oyster Special A young engineer with a big appetite tries his hand at all-you-can-eat oysters at Kakiichi, an oyster restaurant!

I want to enjoy fresh, plump oysters to my heart's content. Toba City in Mie Prefecture is a sacred place for oysters that fulfills such a desire of oyster lovers every year. Every year from November to early spring, oyster houses offering all-you-can-eat oysters open in Toba City, attracting oyster lovers from all over Japan. It is truly an all-you-can-eat oyster festival! Oyster lovers can't get enough of the exquisite oysters. This year's oyster special features a young engineer with a hearty appetite challenging all-you-can-eat oysters under the theme of "Approaching the charm of all-you-can-eat oysters! We will visit a famous restaurant where you can enjoy oysters safely and securely indoors, "Oyster ...

Eye Catch (28)


Receive it whenever you want! The benefits of Amazon Hub lockers!

Have you ever used online shopping when you wanted to purchase something? These days, everything is conveniently available online. I think many people use it because it is easy to purchase. However, for those who have used online shopping, "receiving packages" has become a rather annoying problem. In particular, many people may have experienced that they could not receive their packages immediately due to their work or private schedule. Amazon, a well-known online retailer, offers a service that reduces such stressful situations! ...

Mie Prefecture Service Area Special Feature Eye-catching


A summary of recommendations for SA/PAs in Mie Prefecture, as told by Mie Prefecture residents!

The year-end and New Year holidays are approaching, which means more opportunities to go out by car, such as on trips back home or on vacation. One of the most enjoyable parts of long car trips is stopping at expressway service areas along the way. For drivers, service areas and parking areas are essential spots for refreshment and fun along the way. Mie Prefecture, famous for its many sightseeing spots such as Ise Jingu Shrine and Kumano Kodo, has unique service areas and parking areas from north to south. In this issue, we will introduce three areas in the northern, central, and southern parts of Mie Prefecture recommended by Mie Prefecture residents.

Yamato's smartphone sending service


All you need is a smartphone to ship! Introducing Yamato's "Send with Smartphone" Service

What kind of service do you use to send your parcels on a daily basis? Some people may think that the shipping process is difficult and tedious: preparing the package, writing the invoice, taking it to the office, making the payment, etc. In fact, there is a service that can solve these problems! The name of the service is Yamato Transport's ``Send TA-Q-BIN using your smartphone.'' This service allows you to complete all time-consuming tasks using your smartphone. This is very convenient and anyone can use it easily! Ms. Hitomi Matsumoto At Sun-El, we introduce convenient I...


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