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Lessons in Mie Prefecture


Mie Prefecture: A Little Bit Different? Introducing recommended lessons that you may want to attend!

This may be a sudden question, but do you have any lessons? Nowadays, there are many classrooms where children as well as adults can study! However, there are many people who are unsure of what kind of place to attend. Therefore, MieL would like to introduce lessons in Mie Prefecture. but! This time, instead of the classic lessons, I picked up some slightly unusual lessons. There may be some classrooms where you wonder, “Is there such a thing as a lesson?” Nakamura: If you want to start taking lessons but aren't sure what to do, I hope you find this helpful♪ Sports-related lessons First, let's start with sports-related lessons...

Eye-catching image_Kenshinjuku


Kenshin Juku, a kickboxing gym in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, that has produced professional athletes.

Mie Prefecture is home to many attractive organizations and people who are contributing to the local community. At MieL, we would like to support organizations and people who are active in Mie Prefecture and help revitalize the local community! In this issue, we would like to introduce a kickboxing gym "Kenshin Juku, Ise Branch" located in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. The Roots of Kickboxing Have you ever heard of kickboxing? Kickboxing is a striking martial art that originated in Japan! In the 1960s, a Japanese boxing promoter planned to invite Muay Thai, the national sport of Thailand, to Japan. The plan was to invite Muay Thai to Japan, and the event was called "Muay Thai versus Karate" and "Muay ...

Inaigumi Kibyo Sequence


Support for groups active in Mie! Introducing "Wadaiko," a group that carries on Japanese culture, "Kyoza Inasegumi

In Mie Prefecture, there are many organizations working to enliven the community, as well as restaurants and stores that are beloved by the locals. MieL would like to support such organizations and people who are active in Mie Prefecture and help revitalize the local community! Among the groups active in Mie Prefecture, we would like to introduce "Kyoiza Inasegumi," a taiko drumming team that passes on traditional Japanese performing arts to children. The motto of Kyoiza Inasegumi is "To beat taiko is to beat heart." This year marks the 19th year since the formation of this local taiko team. We asked Matsusaka City's "Kyoiza Inase-gumi" what they are doing to ...

Eye Catch_9 roadside stations in Mie Prefecture


From Ise lobsters and Matsusaka beef to local B-class gourmet foods, all condensed in one place! Mie "Roadside Stations" Special

Mie Prefecture is famous as a tourist destination, and many people visit the prefecture for driving and touring. 18 roadside stations are located in the prefecture! Since I live here, I want to go out with my family! Sometimes it rains only when you are so excited, doesn't it? In this article, we feature "Roadside Stations" as recommended indoor spots that can be enjoyed even on rainy days. From the editorial department's original point of view, we have selected roadside stations from among 18 stations that can be enjoyed in different scenes. Nishikawa: We hope you will find this information useful when you go out. And to those of you who read our articles on a regular basis, we would like to express our gratitude ...

Eyecatch 900_Cable Common Net Mie Co., Ltd.


Reporting Management System Succeeds in Eliminating Personnel Dependency and Reducing Costs|Cable Common Net Mie, Inc.

Do you usually watch cable TV? Cable TV offers a wide range of content, including reruns of terrestrial digital broadcasts, past broadcasts (including reruns of baseball games from 20 or 30 years ago!) ), foreign dramas, movies, and a wide range of other contents. Mie Prefecture has one of the most highly developed cable TV networks (broadcasting and communications) in Japan. The eight member companies of the Mie Cable Television Association provide services to households in their respective areas. By consolidating the comprehensive resources of these member stations, the Mie ...

Don't get lost anymore! The 15 best souvenirs of Mie Prefecture chosen by locals.


Don't get lost anymore! The 15 best souvenirs of Mie Prefecture chosen by locals.

Mie Prefecture has many tourist spots, so many people from outside the prefecture come to visit during the long holidays. As it is a prefecture with many sightseeing spots, there are many kinds of souvenirs. Nishikawa: I myself am from outside the prefecture, so ever since I moved to Mie Prefecture, I am still racking my brains over what kind of souvenirs I should buy for my parents, siblings, and friends when I go back to my parents' house. In this article, we will introduce 15 recommended souvenirs from Mie Prefecture to help you with your worries. This time, I would like to take an original questionnaire in the company where many people from Mie Prefecture are enrolled and announce it in a ranking format! Again this time...

Recommended Gourmet in Okage Yokocho and Oharaicho


Ise Jingu Shrine - Don't miss it! Recommended gourmet foods and souvenirs in Okage Yokocho

Do you know "Okage Yokocho" or "Oharaicho" in Ise City, Mie Prefecture? Okage Yokocho, one of the most popular spots in Mie Prefecture, is a sightseeing spot on the way to Ise Jingu Shrine to pay a visit to the shrine! There are many souvenir shops, and you can enjoy walking around and eating Ise's gourmet food. The retro atmosphere of Okage Yokocho and OHARAIMACHI is sure to be instagram-worthy, making it a perfect place to create memories of your trip! In this article, we will introduce some of the gourmet restaurants in OHARAIMACHI and OKEGA-YOKOCHO....

MieL spring photo contest


MieL Spring Photo 2022 Result】 Photos that show Mie x Spring 🌸

We want to introduce the charms of Mie Prefecture with more people! With this in mind, we held the "MieL Spring Photo 2022" until April 10, 2022! This was MieL's first photo project, and many people participated ✨ Thank you for submitting your wonderful works! This page introduces some of the photos that were submitted... ✨ There are many places that even the locals don't know about, as well as famous places! We're sure you'll want to visit some of them! MieL Spring Photo 2022 Entries! Photographer: HIRO-J|Around Saingu Station ...

Matsusaka cotton weaving


Grabbing the fashionable spirit of the Edo people! Experience the history of Matsusaka cotton weaving!

step2 Hello! ! This is MieL editorial department. Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, is now particularly famous for its Matsusaka beef, but during the Edo period it was known as the home of the Matsusaka merchants, who played an important role in the Japanese economy, and as a town on the road to Ise. This time, we would like to introduce to you the members of Sun-El who took on the challenge of weaving Matsusaka Momen, which was the opportunity for Matsusaka merchants to make a fortune. Striped patterns are sweeping the streets of Edo! The profound history of Matsusaka Momen Nishikawa First, before we show you the weaving experience, I would like to introduce you to the history of Matsusaka Momen. Textile technology was brought to Matsusaka from the continent in the late 5th century, and...

How engineers communicate


Engineers Need to Communicate! 3 Ways to Keep Relationships Close

What kind of image do you have of an engineer's job? Many of you probably have a strong image of engineers working silently at a computer. Before I joined San-El, I had a strong impression that an engineer's job was to sit in front of a computer all the time and create systems. In reality, however, it is a job that involves communication with team members and customers, and it is a job that involves relationships with people. In this article, I will introduce three initiatives that are important at San-El to build relationships among engineers and between supervisors and subordinates ...


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