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Engineers from Sunel Co., Ltd. battle with HTTP status code Hyakunin Isshu!

Maekawa Have you ever seen an HTTP status code? When browsing a web page, you may see screens with 404 or 503 written on them, and those numbers are HTTP status codes that describe the state of the web page. Just when I wanted to introduce status codes that I wanted to know, I saw information that "HTTP Status Code Hyakunin Isshu" was popular on the Internet, and it sounded fun! We thought and purchased. It arrived one day, so I left it at the company, and Kanno from the development department VPoE and Otsuka, the CTO, were playing with it.

Sun-El office environment


Full Remote & Full Flex! San-El's way of working and the challenge of a comfortable work space!

Since its foundation, San-El has always aimed to be a people-oriented company that is easy to work for, and especially since the coronavirus began to affect the company, we have been searching for a "comfortable work environment" that meets the current situation. This April, we have completed all the measures to realize a comfortable work environment in our office environment, and I would like to introduce the current working style and office environment at SANEL! Nakamura: Hello, my name is Nakamura of Sun-El! This is Nakamura from SANEL. I would like to introduce you to SANEL's office environment with some photos! Full Flex & Full Remote! The way we work at SANEL is highly flexible! Sun-El is a system integrator located in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, ...

Company start-up episode


“I want to make people involved happy” Episode of the founding of Sanel and thoughts on my hometown of Mie

MieL Editorial Department Hello! This is the MieL editorial department. MieL is a media site operated by Sanel Co., Ltd., a system development company located in Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture. This time, I wanted to let people know what kind of company San-El is, so I interviewed President Tsujihashi and Vice-President Minami about episodes related to the establishment of San-El. First of all, I would like to ask you to talk about San-El's overview and corporate philosophy. What kind of company is Sunel? Tsujihashi Sunel is a system development company located in Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture. Since our founding in 2010, we have continued to operate under the corporate philosophy of "making everyone involved happy".

About work background music during work


About BGM for work at work | I took a questionnaire in Sanel

Saito Hello! This is Saito from the Sun-El Media Division. This time I will talk about music What kind of time do you usually listen to music? Many people listen to music when they want to concentrate on something, such as work, study, or housework. In fact, when we were talking about how to stay focused while working remotely at San-El, some people said, “I listen to music.” In addition to remote work, some office workers also listen to music while working. For me, I often work while listening to music. Then suddenly, ...


Road Bike Project No.1|Experiencing the astonishing lightness and speed on a test ride!

Late April 2017. It is still dark before dawn, and we are straddling our road bikes. We set off from Matsusaka for Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, my hometown. The total distance covered was 200 km, and the ride lasted more than 10 hours, four months after I started riding my road bike. The above photo was taken in Kobe, just before the goal. Araki Hi, I am Araki of the SunL Media Division. With the launch of our website "MieL," I have decided to write a series of articles on my hobby of road biking. I started road biking because it seemed like a good hobby for me. At the time, I didn't think ...

MieL Chocolate Month


Choco Ai / Gekitaku members introduce their recommendations! MieL Chocolate Monthly Summary

Nakamura Hello! It's Nakamura! From early February 2021 to early March 2021, we have been posting chocolate introductions on MieL's Instagram and Twitter accounts as "Miel Chocolate Month". Here's how it all started. February is Valentine's day 🍫 It's the season where lots of chocolates are sold! Isn't there a lot of people who buy it as a reward chocolate for themselves? Every year around this time, I also buy a large amount of chocolate 😌 This year, due to the corona crisis, more shops than usual are focusing on mail-order sales ...



MieL Sweets Club] 4 Häagen-Dazs Flavors to Eat in Winter

MieL Editorial Department MieL is a media site operated by SunL, Inc. (SunL) located in Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture. We would like to start the [MieL 00 Club] series, in which we introduce our favorite sweets, favorite stores, and many other things, as well as introduce the members who work at SunL. It has been a month since the year 2021 began, but the cold weather is still continuing. But it is precisely in the cold season that ice cream tastes so good in a warm room, doesn't it? So, in this first installment, Saito of the Media Division introduces the recommended Häagen-Dazs flavors that can be eaten in winter ...

Matsuzaka chicken grill


Not Just for Beef! Let us introduce you to a traditional Matsusaka favorite, grilled chicken!

What kind of meat do you think of when you hear the word "yakiniku"? Most people probably think of beef or pork. However, many people in Matsusaka think of chicken, not the famous Matsusaka beef, when they hear the word "yakiniku. The reason for this is that "chicken yakiniku," the culture of eating grilled chicken, is widespread in Matsusaka and is very popular among its citizens. SANEL, which has an office in Matsusaka, is no exception, and there are many employees, including Mr. Saito of the Media Business Department, who is writing this article, who love chicken yakiniku. So, let us introduce you to one of our employees who moved from Tokyo to Matsusaka and is a big fan of grilled chicken meat.


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