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MieL mascot character is born! ~The name has been decided! ~ We have decided on a name!

Finally unveiled! The announcement of your name! With a lot of help through Twitter, the name is finally! It has been decided! Now, please take a look at the results! 4th place: Ciel 3rd place: Elle-nyan 2nd place: Mieru-Neko And the ・・・・・ was chosen as ・・・・・1! 1st place: Remi (anagram of MieL)! As of the night of November 31, Mieru-Neko was in first place by a narrow margin, but after a heated battle, Remi caught up this morning to take the top spot! The mascot character name survey is now closed! Thank you for all the votes ✨ 1st place ...

Mascot character 1


A mascot character is born! ~ You decide the name! ~ You decide the name!

A mascot character or mascot of MieL (Miel), an owned media operated by SunL Inc. has been born! From now on, we will send out Sun-El's stories through the official character via the official Twitter (@miel_sunl) and official Instagram (miel_sunl). Actually, he has not yet decided on a name. Therefore, we are conducting a 7-day survey project to decide its name on our official Twitter from November 24 to 30! Please feel free to vote 🐱 Participate in the poll This is how the mascot character was born! January 2021 ...

Image of Waku Waku Matsusaka Test


Super conundrum! ? I tried the "Waku Waku Matsusaka Test" in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture!

Nakamura Hello! This is Nakamura from Sun El. Did you know that there is an interesting test in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, where Sun-El has its headquarters? The name is “Exciting Matsusaka Test”! As part of the city's initiative, Matsusaka City's sightseeing spots and gourmet foods are turned into quizzes. I thought it looked interesting, so I asked the members of SUNEL to also take the test and asked them what they thought of it in a questionnaire. We received responses from nine people, so we would like to introduce the results. What is the Exciting Matsusaka Test? In the first place, this test is an initiative of Matsusaka City, and the first test was held in the spring of 2021, and this time we will introduce the ``Exciting Matsusaka Test...

Wadaiko Hitomi TikTok 1.5 million views eye catcher


Japanese drum hitomi talks about the path to 1.5 million views on TikTok

Based here in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, there is a female Japanese drum player who has been playing Japanese drums for 18 years and has been teaching for eight years. Hitomi Matsumoto, who has been a Japanese drum player since her mother's generation, had another side. That is the face of a 20-year-old TikToker who has over 20,000 followers and over 1.5 million TikTok video views. (*As of November 8, 2021) This time, we would like to introduce "Wadaiko Hitomi", who spreads the charm of Japanese drums to the world. Hitomi Matsumoto's ``Thoughts on Japanese Drums'' Until recently, I was thinking, ``Because we live in an uncertain time, I have been reconsidering my current self...''

Millefeuille at 1010


Mille-feuille with an expiration date of 1 hour! 1010 Banchi, a popular cake shop in Matsusaka City

Saito Hello! This is Saito from Sunel. This summer, I wrote an article titled “Recommended Shaved Ice Shops in Mie” and introduced a total of 21 shops. It's October, and the shaved ice season is over, but I still haven't introduced enough shops... So from now on, I'll introduce recommended restaurants in Mie Prefecture, not only in Matsusaka. increase. This time, it is 1010banchi (1010) “Mille-feuille with an expiration date of less than 1 hour”. By the way, 1010banchi is also introduced in part 1 of our recommended shaved ice shop article. What is 1010banchi? At first ...

Sanel public relations activities first eye catch


Public Relations in Mie (Part 1)|The first public relations measures taken by a dedicated public relations manager

Nishikawa Hello, how do you do? My name is Kanako Nishikawa, and I have been working in public relations at Sun-L Corporation since October 2021. After working in sales at an advertising agency in Tokyo, in the entertainment industry, and in public relations at a venture housing company, I joined Sun-L Inc. in October 2021 by a good chance. It has been almost three weeks since I took up my new position, and I am still groping my way through the company, but I would like to share with you my PR efforts based on my past experiences! Background of joining San-El as a public relations specialist I was previously working for a venture house company ...

Sanel company car


San-El's new company car is a MT car⁉I drove a Swift Sport for the first time!

Nishikawa Hello! This is Nishikawa from Sun-El. Sanel purchased a company car in May 2021. The car model is Suzuki Swift Sport! I haven't had a chance to ride in a company car since I joined the company, but now I finally have the chance! In this article, we will introduce what kind of car Swift Sport is. Nishikawa: I would also like to tell you about my experience riding one. How our company car became a Swift Sport in the first place The Swift Sport we purchased is an MT (manual) car, not an AT (automatic car). Moreover, the body color is an unusual yellow! ...

Kids lab ②


What is IchigoJam? Here are some of the teaching materials used by Sun-El Kids Lab.

Nomoto Hello! My name is Nomoto from Sun-El, Inc. Sun-El Inc. operates "Sun-El Kids Lab," a programming class for children who are experiencing programming for the first time. The details of the classes are introduced in another article, so this time I'll talk about the educational materials we offer at KidsLab. At SunL KidsLab, we use a mini-computer called IchigoJam (strawberry jam) to teach programming. Programming with IchigoJam is similar to Scratch, which is often used in other programming classes.

sanel office sign


“Sun-El Co., Ltd.” as seen by an intern student

Hello! We are Kukizaki and Okano from Takata Junior College office work course, who visited SunL Co., Ltd. as an intern this time. I am writing this article as part of my experience. I will introduce what I learned during the internship period and the charm of Mr. Sanel! Why Sanel? We usually study the simple functions and software of computers, but we use smartphones more frequently, so we cannot say that we are good at using computers. Did you choose Sanel? Together with the impression of the office ...

Recommended shaved ice part 2


2021 edition | 14 recommended shaved ice shops in Mie, according to employees

Saito Hello! I'm Saito from Sunel There are a lot of delicious shaved ice in Mie Prefecture! So, I immediately created an article introducing recommended shaved ice in Mie Prefecture. This time, I would like to introduce 14 shops that were recommended in an in-house survey and shops that caught my attention on SNS. Garden Cafe Loubel View this post on Instagram A post shared by Matsusaka Agricultural Park Bell Farm (@matsusakanogyokoen_bellfarm) Garden Cafe Louvel is an agricultural park "Bell Farm" with the concept of "food education", "green education" and "health education". During ...


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